Do You Know the Real Cost of Divorce in Pennsylvania?

The real cost of getting a divorce in Pennsylvania depends on how the divorce is handled. Below we talk about some of the options available to divorcing couples and the costs to consider with each option.

One option is for each spouse to hire his or her own attorney. Attorneys typically charge clients by the hour and costs may add up quickly thereby reducing the marital estate and depriving both spouses of money that could be spent elsewhere.

Alternatively, the spouses may agree to an alternative form of divorce resolution. If the spouses agree to mediation, for example, then a mediator can help a couple resolve their disputes. Mediation is usually less expensive than litigation but it is not inexpensive.

Finally, if the spouses can reach an agreement on the terms of their divorce including custody, spousal support, child support and the division of property then they may file an uncontested no-fault divorce in Pennsylvania. This is the least expensive option, costing just a few hundred rather than several thousands of dollars, and one worth considering in an amicable divorce.

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