If at any time a party is in arrears in the payment of alimony or alimony pendente lite as provided for in sections 3701 (relating to alimony) and 3702 (relating to alimony pendente lite, counsel fees and expenses), the court may, after hearing, in order to effect payment of the arrearages:

(1)  Enter judgment.

(2)  Authorize the taking and seizure of the goods and chattels and the collection of the rents and profits of the real estate of the party.

(3)  Attach no more than 50% of the wages of the party.

(4)  Award interest on unpaid installments.

(5)  Require security to insure future payments.

(6)  Issue attachment proceedings, directed to the sheriff or other proper officer of the county, directing that the person named as having failed to comply with the court order be brought before the court at such time as the court may direct. If the court finds, after hearing, that the named person willfully failed to comply with the court order, it may declare the person in civil contempt of court and in its discretion make an appropriate order, including, but not limited to, commitment of the person to prison for a period not to exceed six months.

(7)  Award counsel fees and costs.