(a)  Procedure.–A support action or proceeding under this chapter shall be commenced in the manner prescribed by the Rules of Civil Procedure governing actions of support.

(b)  Standing.–Any person caring for a child shall have standing to commence or continue an action for support of that child regardless of whether a court order has been issued granting that person custody of the child.

(c)  Jurisdiction.–The court shall exercise Statewide jurisdiction over the parties to a proceeding under this chapter.

(Dec. 16, 1997, P.L.549, No.58, eff. Jan. 1, 1998)

1997 Amendment.  Act 58 of 1997 was suspended by Pennsylvania Rule of Civil Procedure No. 1910.50(3), as amended May 31, 2000, insofar as it is inconsistent with Rule No.1910.20 relating to the availability of remedies for collection of past due and overdue support.