(a)  Recovery.–Whenever any person shall become a public charge or receive public assistance, the public body or public agency caring for or furnishing the assistance to the person may sue for and recover any sum of money which is due the person.

(b)  Manner of suit.–A suit under subsection (a) shall be brought in the name of the person for the use of the public body or public agency. Proof that the person to whom the money is due became a public charge or was publicly assisted shall be conclusive proof of the right to recover whatever may be legally due the person. If the amount due has been reduced to judgment, the public body or public agency may be substituted as plaintiff in the judgment. If the amount due is founded on an order or decree of a court, the public body or public agency shall have the right to recover the amount.

(c)  Self-support.–If a person becomes self-supporting or supported by a relative or friend, any money recovered and not expended in the care or assistance of the person shall belong to the person. In the case of the person’s death, money not expended for the person’s care, assistance and burial shall belong to the person’s estate.