What do you get when you ask twelve divorce and family law professionals about misconceptions in their field?  You get an amazingly informative e-book that dispels 26 of the most common myths in family law.  26 Divorce Myths: Straight Answers from 12 Professionals in the Trenches is the brain child of several like-minded professionals who see recurring issues and struggles present themselves in most of their cases.   Together, they attempted to answer these questions in an easy-to-digest way that hopefully will put you at ease while reading.

The e-book is prefaced with a foreward by divorce coach Adina Laver and broken down into three categories:

  • Financial and Legal Myths
  • Myths About Custody and Children’s Needs
  • Emotional Myths

Sharon Pastore of Main Line Family Law Center produced and formatted the e-book so that it is as easy to ready and utilize as possible.

The contributors include lawyers, therapists, divorce coaches, mediators and financial planners.  All with contact information included so you can reach out should you need or want further guidance or assistance.