You are facing divorce. Important, emotional and life changing decisions need to be made. You know you need the help of a Pennsylvania divorce lawyer, but how can you trust someone as self centered and dishonest as a lawyer to help you fight for custody of your kids and for your home?

We’ve heard all the lawyer jokes and we are very much aware of how lawyers are portrayed by the media and here’s what we want to tell you.

Lawyers are not all the same.

Just as there are honest and dishonest mechanics, investment advisers and doctors so too are there honest and dishonest attorneys. You deserve to be represented by one of the honest lawyers.

A lawyer’s reputation for honesty matters to you, as a potential client, for several reasons. For example:

  • An honest lawyer looks out for your best interests, not his own. A reputable lawyer is going to do what he is hired to do and what he is required to do by the ethical requirements of his profession. In other words, an honest lawyer will do what is in the best interests of his client, not what necessarily makes him the most money.
  • An honest lawyer is well respected by judges and other attorneys. That respect benefits not only the lawyer but also his clients. Other judges and attorneys are more apt to listen to and be persuaded by a lawyer whom they trust.
  • An honest lawyer can keep a case focused on its true issues. An honest lawyer may have a reputation for focusing solely on the issues that need to be resolved and for not fabricating additional issues. In some cases, a lawyer with a good reputation may be able to resolve your true conflicts without adding others and encourage all parties to act more sensibly.
  • An honest lawyer will provide you with reliable and accurate legal advice. You will not have to second guess the advice provided to you by an honest and qualified family lawyer. You won’t second guess the lawyer’s motives, knowledge or skill.

Find out more about the difference an honest lawyer can make for you.

You deserve an honest and reputable lawyer to represent you in your divorce case and to make your case as easy as possible. To find out more, we encourage you to contact our honest Pennsylvania divorce lawyers today to discuss your case and to see if we may be of assistance to you.