As Pennsylvania divorce lawyers, we understand the impact a divorce can have on a child-both inside and outside the home. The last thing that you want is for your child to be made uncomfortable or to have problems at school because of your divorce. Yet, if you fail to communicate with your child, with your ex-spouse and with your child’s teacher and administrators then it could be your child who suffers.

For example, it is important to:

• Make sure that school administrators have all the documentation that they need. School officials do not want to be in the middle of your dispute with your ex-spouse, nor do they want to violate the law. Accordingly, the school will likely ask for copies of your divorce decree and/or custody arrangement so that they know each parent’s legal rights to have access to a student’s records and school information and so that they know whether a child may be dismissed to either parent.
• Talk to your ex-spouse about school dismissal plans, meetings, and activities. It can be confusing and upsetting for your child if you and your spouse are unclear about who is going to pick him after school. It can also be uncomfortable for everyone involved if you and your ex-spouse both show up for school conferences, open house nights or other activities without knowledge that the other one will be attendance.
• Help your child understand what to do if he is teased by his classmates. Divorce is common and your child is unlikely to be the only child with divorced parents in his classroom. However, it is important for your child to know what to do if he is feeling left out or picked on because of your family situation.

Your child’s education should be all about your child. Your divorce should not affect that education in any way. However, in order for your child to be unaffected, you need to communicate with everyone involved so that things run smoothly and so that your child has a successful school year.