“Finding Diana C. Schimmel was truly a blessing during a very trying time. Her knowledge of family law is what I needed and expected – however – she went far beyond that. She listened, she advised and she cared. Diana C. Schimmel fully prepared me for my custody case from the first mediation through trial, and always with my son’s best interest at the forefront. I never felt like I was just another case to her, she made me feel like my case was her priority. Diana C. Schimmel’s presence in the court room was strong, confident and reassuring. She was thoroughly prepared and had a clear understanding of the courts procedures and preferences. Thank you Diana C. Schimmel!”

“I’m very blessed to be in a position to acquire [Petrelli Previtera Schimmel]’s services. I attended higher ed schooling and graduated, purchased a home, credit cards, stocks, honed crafts, took up hobbies, had surgeries performed on me by reputable docs, made friends – but when it’s all said and done, contacting you will probably go down as the greatest investment of my life. I’m sure I’ll be reaching out to you about other stuff but I wanted to let you know, I appreciate your efforts enormously. It may not feel all that life changing for me or you at the present time but I know this custody deal worked out in a way that leaves a tremendously significant impact on my daughter’s life, outlook, how she perceives reality, her parents, her extended parents… Children are our future and I’m grateful Diana C. Schimmel was there for my daughter.”

“It was great to have superb counsel in my corner while going through this life obstacle. Thank you so much for being there as my counsel, and a friend for referring me to divorce counseling. It was definitely a game-changer”

“Diana C. Schimmel is quite knowledgeable about family law and the emotional psychology it entails. She has a warm and kind way about her which eases the high anxiety of the client. Always smiling and positive, she is a pleasure to work with.”

“This summer I found myself in need of a custody lawyer to aid me in the custody process. After extensively interviewing the areas highest recommended lawyers, I met Diana C. Schimmel. I knew instantly that Diana C. Schimmel was the perfect representation for such a sensitive matter. She handled me with care and could relate to my case with compassion and empathy. Yet when it came to stating our case in the legal setting Diana C. Schimmel was tactful, thorough and aggressive. I could not be more satisfied with her level of professionalism and would recommend her to anyone whom should find themselves needing excellent legal representation.”

“Diana C. Schimmel was highly referred to me by a trusted friend so I knew that Diana C. Schimmel would be skilled, diligent & effective… and she certainly was all of those things and more. What was really unexpected was her level of commitment and a degree of compassion that I honestly never expected out of a lawyer. Diana C. Schimmel helped shepherd me through this very difficult time, offering superb legal advice as well as strong, comforting practical guidance. Each time I spoke to Diana C. Schimmel, I walked away from our conversation feeling much more in control of my very chaotic situation. Diana C. Schimmel achieved a ruling that was even better than I had hoped for, but her personal impact in helping me through the situation was every bit as valuable.”

“[Diana C. Schimmel] was very sensitive to my needs. I needed representation for an emergency custody hearing on short notice after reaching out to several lawyers on a late Friday evening. Ms. Schimmel was the first to contact me the following day to discuss my case. That alone showed that this lawyer was serious about helping those in need. She answered all my questions which were many, and educated me on what was important in regards to my case. I will recommend [Diana C. Schimmel] to anyone needing representation in Greater Philadelphia.”

“Diana C. Schimmel, I just want to thank you for finding the right way to deal with me. When we met I said I am very straightforward and direct. I guess I should have mentioned a little too forward sometimes. You said great that it would make things easy for communication. I am very appreciative for the times you set me straight to keep us on track. And in the end things worked out better than perfect. Thank you very much for your professionalism with my custody case and me personally. I will recommend you to anyone I know that is looking for legal representation.”

“Diana C. Schimmel – You’ve been a pleasure to work with and have been understanding emotionally and financially!”

“I am writing to express my gratitude to [Diana C. Schimmel, Esq.] In a frightening and stressful time of my life, Diana C. Schimmel’s dedicated and strong approach to my child custody case was everything I hoped for from an attorney. Having very little experience with the legal system, I was relieved by her personal attention and guidance. Her extensive knowledge of the court system helped to put me at ease throughout the entire ordeal. I have faith that I received the best legal support possible and feel that Diana C. Schimmel was a strong advocate not only for me, but also for my children. Thank you for everything, Diana C. Schimmel.”

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