News of the Ashley Madison “cheating” site has been all over the place since its exclusive list of paying clients was leaked across the internet. Members (married members) signed up to engage in and find others willing to have affairs. Many couples across the country have been left reeling with only three zip codes lacking members (that’s out of 43,000!). Many have turned to the family law community to see what effect this may have on our area of the legal community.

For now, while couples regroup and decide what steps to take next, here are some tips is this hack has effected your family or relationship:

1. Assume you cannot hide anything. Gone are days when you could easily destroy records, notes or messages. Now, privacy settings may not fully protect you. For a divorce case, phone log and internet search histories are fair game and easily found.

2. If you are married, do not date. Seems simple enough but for many the temptation was unavoidable as proven by this hack. In a divorce or family law world, nothing makes a case longer or more expensive than an angry (soon-to-be-ex) spouse.

3. Be honest with your lawyer. Tell your lawyer with everything and trust them with that information. He or she needs to know the good along with the bad. Your lawyer has to be able to represent you with a full set of information. You do not want them to be surprised or crippled when the other side flings dirty laundry out of nowhere. If your lawyer has all the facts, he or she can formulate the best strategy to handle everything. This may mean releasing the information yourself to prevent damage.