You did it. You and your spouse shocked some of your family and friends by signing a prenuptial agreement before you got married. You are both young. Neither one of you has been married before or has any kids. There is no fortune on either side of the family and no inheritance coming your way. What then was the point of executing a document that prepared you to say goodbye to the person to whom you are were getting ready to make a life time commitment?

Many young couples are finding that the process of developing a prenuptial agreement:

• Teaches them how to talk openly and honestly about their finances.
• Prepares them to communicate on a variety of difficult topics.
• Strengthens their bond.
• Helps them feel secure about whatever the future may hold.

Couples who are in secure loving relationships are generally not threatened by prenuptial agreements. Rather, they understand that a solid marriage can be based on both romance and practicality. For more information about whether a prenup will benefit you and your soon to be spouse, please contact an experienced Pennsylvania prenuptial agreement attorney today at (251) 523-6900.