Injured CyclistsPhiladelphia, PA law firm Petrelli Previtera, LLC have recently launched a brand new Philadelphia Bike Lawyer website that is full of resources for people who have been involved in a bike accident. Thomas Petrelli, Jr. from Petrelli Previtera, LLC stated that, “The bicycle accident injury lawyers at Petrelli Previtera want you to stay safe while riding your bike. But, if an accident happens, we are here to protect your rights and help you get the fair insurance compensation you deserve. ”

In Pennsylvania, a bicycle is considered a vehicle. Like all drivers, bicyclists must follow the rules of the road and take steps to protect their own safety. However, bicycle accidents are rarely the fault of the biker.

“Because bicycle-car accidents can result in very serious injuries,” adds Thomas Petrelli, Jr. “Pennsylvania drivers have a “duty of care” towards bicyclists. This means that drivers must watch for bicyclists and take steps to avoid accidents.”

There are many different laws in place to make sure bike riders are protected as they share the roads in PA. Petrelli Previtera, LLC has included in depth, but understandable, information about this on their new  Philadelphia Bike Lawyer website.