Until recently, Pennsylvania LGBT laws did not recognize the marriage of same-sex couples. This meant that couples had to form domestic partnerships in order to protect their LGBT partner rights.

Since the state did not recognize same-sex marriage, it also did not recognize the divorce of gay or lesbian couples. Those couples, who protected their LGBT partner rights with a domestic partnership can only end the relationship with a legal dissolution of their agreement.

Domestic partnership dissolution in Pennsylvania is a complicated area of law, one which couples who are focusing on rebuilding their new and separate lives do not need to be burdened with navigating alone. Our Philadelphia LGBT lawyers guide couples through the process of domestic partnership dissolution to ensure properties, debts, and custody arrangements are divided reasonably.

Traditional marriages that are recognized by the State of Pennsylvania provide certain entitlements to each spouse. Retirement benefits, spousal support, and property rights are affected by Pennsylvania divorce law. When it comes to non-traditional family law, each partner needs to understand their rights to assets acquired during their partnership.

The necessary documents for a Pennsylvania domestic partnership dissolution need to be prepared properly. Our LGBT lawyers coordinate each step of the dissolution and ensure every document is executed as required.

Custody issues are common when couples decide to part ways. Our attorneys make it easy for you to understand LGBT family law in Pennsylvania. We review your domestic partnership agreement, if you had established one, to help determine a custody arrangement. Don’t be concerned if you and your partner did not establish a domestic partnership and now need to navigate custody laws. Our Philadelphia LGBT lawyers have successful experience in this specialized area of law. We will be able to advise you with solutions to your situation while helping you understand complicated legal issues in simple terms.

Petrelli Previtera coordinates meetings with clients who are interested in learning about a domestic partnership dissolution. Our LGBT lawyers schedule meetings at both our Philadelphia and Cherry Hill locations every day of the week. Let us know which location is most convenient for you. Whether you are ready to meet with us tomorrow, or if your schedule only allows weekend or evening meetings, our attorneys are ready to answer your questions about Pennsylvania LGBT laws.