divorce attorneyPetrelli Previtera has joined a nationwide network of life insurance lawyers to help consumers recover life insurance claims after a denial. Life Insurance Law was created to help victims of denied or delayed life insurance claims take the “guesswork” out of hiring an attorney with life insurance claim experience. By providing a wide range of legal experience to victims across the nation, Life Insurance Law assists beneficiaries in settling their cases quickly.


How Does Life Insurance Law Help?

Life Insurance Law provides timely and accurate information about fighting claim denials, how the payout process works and how frustrated beneficiaries can find the help they need. The attorneys at Life Insurance Law offer beneficiaries facing a claim denial a free consultation and assess whether they have a valid case against the insurance company. Life insurance lawyers advise the life insurance beneficiary on how they can avoid invalidating their claim denial case and what steps they should take to make their case stronger. Once the case is underway, Life Insurance Law attorneys will demand that the life insurance company disclose any documents and other information they used to justify their life insurance claim denial. Finally, the life insurance lawyers at Life Insurance Law will win the beneficiary a payout in 30 days or less.

Who Benefits From Life Insurance Law?

Beneficiaries who have already received a life insurance denial will benefit the most from the assistance offered by Life Insurance Law. Those who are just beginning the arduous task of filing an insurance claim can educate themselves by reading the website’s numerous articles on how to avoid a life insurance claim denial and what to do when faced with a denial.

Who Is Petrelli Previtera?

Petrelli Previtera and managing partner Thomas Petrelli, Jr. have provided legal counsel to Philadelphia residents for a combined ten years. Petrelli has also been featured in the Super Lawyers Rising Stars listings for Pennsylvania, Arrival Magazine’s Top 50 Lawyers in the Northeast, Suburban Life Magazine’s Awesome Attorneys and Who’s Who in American Law.