Our divorce attorneys understand the special issues that face military personnel and their families and we want to inform you of a bill that is currently being considered by a Pennsylvania House Committee.

The Bill Could Affect Military Retiree Pay in a Pennsylvania Divorce

If the bill that is currently under consideration were to become law, it could change the way that military retiree pay is treated by Pennsylvania courts. Specifically, House Bill 1192 would give judges discretion in how to treat military retiree pay. As the court considers how to equitably divide a couple’s property it could consider whether military retiree pay should be divided or whether it should stay with one spouse. Currently, military retiree pay is not excluded from marital property and is often divided regardless of the length of the marriage or a spouse’s military service.

If you, or your soon to be ex-spouse, have been in the military then it is important to understand your rights and how to protect them. Please call an experienced Pennsylvania military divorce lawyer today at 866-465-5395 to learn more.