Flat Fee Divorce in Pennsylvania

Divorce is always difficult, but staying in an unhappy marriage is even harder. Unfortunately, many people decide to stay unhappily married simply because they are worried that they may not be able to afford the cost of a divorce.  They have heard stories of people who have declared bankruptcy because of high legal fees, and they are concerned about out of control costs. In addition to traditional hourly billing, Petrelli Previtera now offers a predictable price option – Flat Fee Divorce.

Flat Fee Divorce – What is it?

A flat fee divorce allows you to plan for the costs of a divorce. A one-time fee is paid, in advance, for the services of the law firm. The fee includes all costs of the divorce, including filing fees, attorney fees and associated expenses. The attorney then supervises the divorce to its conclusion without any additional cost to the client. Fees vary; the exact fee you pay will depend on the circumstances of your divorce.

Flat fee divorces in Pennsylvania are subject to the rules governing attorneys and the practice of law. Any attorney may offer a flat fee, but flat fees are not yet a common fee arrangement.

Is a Flat Fee Divorce the Right Choice for You?

You’ve probably heard stories about divorces that drag on and on. Couples can’t agree about custody, child support, or the division of assets.  This means that their lawyers keep on charging fees. The divorce ends up being much more expensive than expected. Nobody wins except the lawyers collecting those fees.

Flat fees provide certainty. You’ll know what your divorce will cost from the beginning. There is no need to worry about additional costs. This may not be the traditional way of handling divorce, but we find it hard to imagine a circumstance where a flat fee wouldn’t be the preferred option.

When is a Flat Fee Divorce Possible?

Flat fees are nearly always an option. You can choose a flat fee divorce if your divorce is amicable or if it contested. Flat fees are an option if you plan whether your divorce is finalized by mutual agreement or in court. However, there may be additional charges for a litigated divorce.

What Are the Benefits of Flat Fee Divorce?

Once you have paid the flat fee to the attorney, the cost of the divorce is no longer a consideration. You can focus on ending your marriage and beginning your new life without worrying about uncertain and unpredictable attorney fees.

Petrelli Previtera offers flat fee divorce options for all our clients. Visit our pricing page for more details and a specific flat fee for a divorce in Pennsylvania.

It’s Up to You

Many of our clients love our flat fees. They appreciate the certainty of knowing the cost of their divorce in advance. They are able to avoid the feeling of being nickel and dimed and appreciate the ability to call their attorney at any time without feeling that the clock is running. But, flat fees are not for everyone.

Some clients worry that a flat fee means they will pay more than they hoped. They are optimistic and hope to reach a quick settlement; they worry that they’ll pay the flat fee only to resolve the situation in a few hours.

Deciding on a fee arrangement isn’t always easy, but at Petrelli Previtera we place the risk on us— the experts—not on the client. We use our experience to assess your situation and determine what your case should cost. We’ll do our best to set a fair, fixed fee for your divorce. You have the choice of moving forward with us if you feel the fee is fair.  Our belief is that a fixed fee makes sense for nearly all Pennsylvania families, but ultimately, it is up to you to decide what kind of attorney fee plan makes the most sense for you.