Philadelphia Real Estate Lawyers

Whether you are a homeowner or a business proprietor, the real estate you own is almost certainly one of your top assets. You can’t afford to put it at risk lightly.

Likewise, the person seeking to lease office space, rent a warehouse, or buy a first home is making a major financial commitment for the future. For him, too, any extra burden of risk is unwise.

Unfortunately, real estate transactions are notoriously complex. Errors in contracts or mistaken negotiations can cost a business a tremendous amount of money. If your business has real estate needs, you need a Pennsylvania real estate attorney that you can count on to assist you. We represent both buyers and sellers in structuring real estate transactions. Our work includes commercial real estate, farm land, and residential sales. We work equally well with private individuals, foundations and organizations, corporations, and limited liability companies (LLCs).

Our real estate law practice includes the following areas:

  • Residential property: Buying or selling a home can be one of the most significant decisions you ever make. We can assist you in any aspect of a residential sale, or we can act as your representatives throughout the entire transaction, from purchase agreement to closing. We can make the mortgage process clear to you. We identify and correct defective title problems and can advise on title insurance concerns.
  • Commercial property: Real estate transactions for business purposes are our strength. Our commercial real estate lawyer can assist with zoning and land use laws, financing, compliance with environmental law requirements, and construction liens. We can explain the tax implications of your planned purchase.
  • Landlord/Tenant: We can also provide legal assistance to both landlords and tenants, in either residential or commercial settings. Our firm has experience in a wide variety of transactions including office leases, build-to-suit leases, retail leases, industrial leases, and subleases. We also provide legal guidance during eviction proceedings.
  • Property disputes: We can use the courts or mediation to help resolve the tension when property rights are in conflict. We have experience dealing with issues of zoning restrictions, adverse possession, easements, and trespass.

Why Call Tom Petrelli, Esq.

Whether you are buying or selling commercial or residential real estate in Pennsylvania, you need a real estate lawyer who will cut through the confusion. We don’t try to dazzle you with