Retaining a Lawyer

When entering any kind of legal proceedings, it helps to have someone in your corner who knows the system and can effectively advocate in your best interests.   Family law, such as divorce, custody, and support cases, can be especially messy.  Though it is possible to go through with a divorce on your own, without knowledge of the law or what your entitled, you are at risk of overlooking important factors, which once the divorce is granted, will have permanent effects.

Hiring the right attorney is key to obtaining a successful outcome in your case.   There are many general practice lawyers who are willing to handle divorce cases, but someone who specializes in family law will provide the best experience for your divorce matter.  He or she will be well informed about the statutes and procedures that affect your case.  Additionally, choosing someone who is committed to and focused on your case will expedite the process considerably.

Initial consultations with attorneys are highly recommended and encouraged.  Your consultation will provide valuable information about your legal rights, and inform you of the benefits of having representation.  It is important to choose someone who will listen to your case, be available to answer your concerns, negotiate, advocate, and litigate when necessary.  Be sure to get references for potential attorneys and learn about their reputations.  Above all, your attorney should be someone who makes you feel comfortable and confident.  The family law professionals of Petrelli Previtera,  are experienced and knowledgeable attorneys who will be dedicated to your case.  Contact our office to schedule a consultation.