Marriage is one of the biggest commitments we’ll enter into in this life. While culturally and religiously there is a lot of emphasis on the importance of marriage lasting a lifetime, life isn’t always that black and white. If your marriage isn’t going the way you thought it would, you might be considering whether divorce is the right option for you.

Here at Petrelli Previtera, we understand divorce is a decision that should be thoroughly considered before pursuing official action. We’re here to help you navigate this time in your life. When trying to decide if divorce is the best decision, we find most people ask themselves the following questions.

How Long Have I Felt the Desire to Leave?

Relationships ebb and flow. It’s normal to have intense feelings of love for someone and then to experience a shift in your emotions. Ultimately, falling in love with someone and staying in love with them are two different things. The decision to love someone for a lifetime will take work. The question is, how much should you have to work to love someone? The answer is different for everyone. However, if you’ve experienced prolonged periods of time where you just can’t seem to find the good in your partner and you’ve been thinking about leaving more than staying, this might be a sign that something deeper is going on and your desire to leave should be examined more thoroughly.

Can We Work Through Our Problems?

Every marriage has problems. Arguing is a normal part of any relationship — especially a marriage. The question is, what sparks these arguments? Do the topics you argue about leave you feeling more than a little frustrated? If the problems you and your spouse encounter leave you feeling downright exhausted and there is a deep division on coming to a conclusion, you might wonder if you can overcome your problems. Some couples find that counseling is a good option for them. Although, both parties have to be willing participants. If one of you feels as though your problems are too big, it’s important to determine the next best step for you.

Has Irreparable Damage Been Done?

Deal breakers are different for every couple. While some couples are willing to work through various forms of lying, infidelity, and mistreatment, not everyone can be so quick to agree to that. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide if the damage that has been done to your relationship is something you’re willing to work through. While these are deeply personal issues that people will feel differently about, verbal or physical abuse should never be tolerated. Identify a trusted source in your life and ask for help immediately.

While no one can decide what’s right for you, there are many ways you can examine your relationship and decide if a divorce is the best choice. If you’re in need of a divorce lawyer in Denver, Petrelli Previtera is here to help you through the process.

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