What You Need to Know About Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud

foreclosure noticeTimes are tough. The housing bubble has burst and well meaning homeowners are facing foreclosures in unprecedented numbers. If you are one of them then you likely have lots of questions. The mortgage foreclosure defense and foreclosure fraud defense lawyers of Petrelli Previtera are here to answer those questions for you.

What is the Problem?

The problem is that banks lent more than homes are currently worth, leaving homeowners in the difficult position of owing more on their mortgages than they could get if they were to sell their home. That, combined with the large number of layoffs, pay freezes and other economic problems, has many homeowners underwater and out of options when they don’t have the money to pay the monthly mortgage payment.

Who is Effected?

If your mortgage holder is threatening foreclosure, has started the foreclosure process or is otherwise trying to take your property from you then you are effected by the problem. Bankruptcy is unlikely to provide you with the protection that you need and you need immediate legal help.

What Should You Do if You’ve Been a Victim?

If you want to keep your home and protect your family then you need to contact a Pennsylvania and New Jersey mortgage foreclosure defense lawyer who knows how to help you. For many years, the litigation and family law lawyers of Petrelli Previtera have been protecting New Jersey and Pennsylvania families. We will help you through this crisis as well.

In the short term, we will work aggressively to fight the foreclosure and to allow you to keep your home. In the long term, we will help you by helping you preserve the equity in your home and protecting all of your financial interests.

Don’t accept what the bank is telling you without consulting a lawyer. Don’t accept that your mortgage holder has the unlimited right to foreclose your property. Instead, contact the mortgage foreclosure lawyers of the Petrelli Previtera Firm today at (215 )523-6900 for a free, confidential consultation.