Divorce is emotionally draining and exhausting. However, you are finally over the final hump and have begun your new life again. However, just as you are getting settled, your ex has announced they are getting remarried. Now, your world is once again in turmoil as you try to navigate the new waters of handling a step-relationship with your children of which you have no real control.

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Whatever You Feel, It’s Okay

When you first find out that your ex is getting remarried, you will probably run the gamut of emotions, similar to when you were getting a divorce. In fact, it may even feel like that at times. You will probably feel hurt, since there is no hope of ever getting back together (if you even had those thoughts). It will be final. You may be sad and angry — maybe even jealous that your ex has moved on and you haven’t. In fact, you may realize that you don’t want your ex to be happy, which is a sign you have not forgiven them for the breakup of the marriage and whatever caused it. Petrelli Previtera in Denver recommends that you find someone to talk to about your feelings, such as a good friend or a counselor. They can help you process your emotions so you can move forward with your life.

Discuss This New Change with Your Kids

Odds are, you won’t be the only one with charged emotions when you find out your ex is getting remarried — your kids will be in a similar boat. Talking about this to your children can be challenging, depending on their age. The younger they are, the harder it will be for them to understand step-relationships. The older they are, the harder it will be for them to accept step-relationships and abide by a new authority in their lives. Petrelli Previtera in Denver recommends that you stress with your kids that you are there for them and to bring any problems they are having with this new step-parent to you. To some degree, you’ll have to trust the judgement of your spouse who is bringing in this new person into the lives of your children. However, you need to stay abreast of what is happening for the sake of your children.

Continue Moving Forward With Your Life

Divorce is the one area where many people get stuck in living in the past. After all, it’s probably the most pain you’ve been through in your life. Moving on with your life is a process and does take time — sometimes years — to fully recover. However, when you discover that your ex is getting remarried, it can cause you to take a step back in your own life and get caught up in the emotions you are feeling from this new revelation. Petrelli Previtera in Denver urges you to resist the urge to wallow in your feelings of self-pity and unhappiness and finally forgive. Many people think forgiveness is for the other person, when, in fact, forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. You are giving yourself permission to move on, not condoning whatever act you are forgiving. Move on from your spouse, and focus on living your best life — which may entail someone new for you as well.


Some divorce lawyers have a bad reputation. This is due to the fact that divorces are messy, and your divorce lawyer in Denver is right in the thick of things, getting their hands dirty for your sake. This will often leave a sour taste in the other person’s mouth that will never go away.

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