Highlands Ranch Property Division Lawyers

At Petrelli Previtera, LLC, our attorneys have extensive experience with handling high net worth divorces and the complex property divisions that often follow. When there are substantial assets involved in a marriage, a divorce can become incredibly complicated. The divorce process can become emotional, combative, and confusing. Our complex property division attorneys in Highlands Ranch have a comprehensive understanding of both the financial and legal aspects of valuing, characterizing, identifying, and dividing property post-divorce. Backed by more than 30 years of combined legal experience, we can help you with all your family law and divorce needs.

Colorado Property Division Law – Equitable Distribution

Colorado has certain laws, which deal with the equitable distribution of property after two spouses divorce. However, you should know that equitably does not indicate equally. When dividing property fairly between the two spouses, the court takes several factors into consideration and first, characterizes property as either marital or separate. Separate property is typically made up of property a spouse acquired via a gift or inheritance during the marriage or owned prior to the marriage.

Marital property, on the other hand, is all other property that is acquired during the course of the marriage, regardless of who purchased it. These are the assets that the court will divide equitably between the spouses and they include a variety of things.

Marital property generally includes:

  • Bonds
  • Stocks
  • Businesses
  • Automobiles
  • Real Property
  • Pension Plans
  • Savings Accounts
  • Retirement Plans
  • Personal Property
  • Other items of value

The Highlands Ranch complex property division attorneys at Petrelli Previtera, LLC help clients characterize assets and figure out which are separate
and which are marital. We have helped countless clients protect their assets by aggressively fighting for the property that is rightfully theirs.

Property Division in Colorado – Dividing Marital Property

Once all of the spouses’ assets have been characterized and identified, a Colorado court needs to divide the marital property equitably between the spouses.

The court will take several factors into consideration, including:

  • Factors that may have contributed to either spouse’s lost or reduced lifetime earning capacity due to having delayed or foregone career opportunities, employment, training, or education during the marriage
  • Assets and income of both spouses, including each party’s share of the marital property as equitably divided by the court
  • Ability of either spouse to become financially independent, and the training and time it will require to do so
  • Duration and existence of separate households before divorce or a joint household before marriage
  • Subsequent tax consequences to both parties
  • Health and age of the divorcing spouses
  • Length of the marriage in question
  • Any other factor that the court finds to be proper and just

Our complex property division lawyers in Highlands Ranch are persuasive negotiators and aggressive litigators. We will help you retain the assets
you need, one way or another. We are well-known for our legal proficiency among our peers and presiding judges alike and can help you at all stages
of the legal process.