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Divorce is one of the toughest tests one can ever go through in their adult life. The mixture of conflicting emotions, elusive answers, self-doubt, and guilt doesn’t help either. And though divorce can be over and done within a few months, its effects can take a lifetime to recover from.

Often divorce means a complete rearranging of the family unit, reevaluating your finances, and rethinking your housing situation–these are a few aspects short of rebuilding your life from the ground up.

At the same time, divorce can mean the beginning of a fruitful life, more freedom, and leaving behind trauma and emotional baggage that has burdened you for years.

It’s a process that can go either way and the decisions that you make during these trying times shape the trajectory of your life going forward.

Why Choose Us

The people you surround yourself with at the time of the divorce are crucial to the success of the process and coming out the other end in one piece mentally, emotionally, and financially.

These are your friends, family, and, most importantly, lawyers.

You need a support system that will help bring calm to the chaos, fill you with words of affirmation, and hold your hand through one of the most challenging periods of your life.

And as far as divorce in Colorado is concerned, these are the lawyers at Petrelli Previtera. We believe that we are the best suited to represent your interest because our lawyers:

  • Have years of experience and a proven reputation in handling divorce and separation cases spanning several decades
  • Listen to understand the unique circumstances surrounding your divorce case before giving honest advice.
  • Will help you perceive and navigate your way around Colorado’s unique divorce laws.
  • Focus on building trust, knowing you individually, and offering emotional support throughout the length of the process through excellent customer support

To start right away, feel free to get in touch with us at (303) 416-7086, and our teams will immediately begin working on securing your future.

Putting Your Needs First

In the beginning, a divorce between two people may seem to have too many stakeholders, each with their own misinformed opinions, unmet needs, and perspectives.

The priority for your Denver divorce lawyer will be to blur out everyone in the background, draw clear lines, and bring to focus the needs of one person(you).

Some of the issues that our lawyers will help bring context to include:

  • Allocation of parental responsibilities (child custody) in the best interest of the child
  • Alimony payments
  • Division of marital estate
  • Post-divorce disputes and arrangements modifications

Our lawyers will also help with communication with your spouse (which can be difficult) and mediation with the other side to try and come to an agreement on issues such as child support and alimony payments.

We also offer guidance on a wide array of other divorce-related issues that include:

The Intricacies of the Divorce Process in Colorado

Though divorce may be uncharted territory and sometimes scary for you, our lawyers are familiar with the complexities of divorce in Colorado.

Similarly, the divorce laws in Colorado differ from those in other states, and getting help from lawyers who are grounded in local laws goes a long way. Some of the tenets you have to be familiar with are:

1. Residency

Can you and your spouse move to Colorado and immediately dissolve your marriage? Well, unfortunately, no. Either of the spouses must meet residency requirements (lived in the state of Colorado for 90 days) for the divorce to be legal. 

2. Grounds for Divorce

Colorado is a no-fault state. Hence, either party does not need to be at fault for the marriage to be dissolved. 

3. The Divorce Process

The divorce process in Colorado is known as dissolution of marriage (DOM). Unlike a legal separation, a divorce brings an end to the union in the eyes of the law.

Fortunately, getting a divorce in Colorado isn’t long and winding; it’s even easier if you have a team of high-caliber lawyers by your side.

With the help of our lawyers to provide guidance and expedite it where possible, your divorce process will follow this course:

  • Submission of a petition for the dissolution of marriage
  • Serving the divorce papers to your spouse (this is only if the divorce is not joint/mutual)
  • Come to an agreement, if possible
  • Provision of financial disclosures
  • Attending the initial status conference (usually after 42 days)
  • Attending an optional temporary orders hearing
  • Discovery
  • 90-day mediation process
  • Permanent orders hearing (the divorce trial)

Family law in Colorado tries to encourage settling issues outside the court as much as possible (or reconciliation). This is the reason for the 90-day waiting period after first filing the divorce papers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Divorce in Colorado

Here are some of the questions you may have about divorce in Colorado:

Is divorce the only option for a broken union?

No. Our lawyers can also help you with other options, such as a legal separation, annulment, or non-divorce.

Who gets the house after the divorce?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for property ownership post-divorce. Whoever gets the house after a divorce is complicated and calculated per each case.

How A Denver Divorce Lawyer Can Help

Petrelli Pevitera is one of the top firms in the nation. The firm has been featured in the 2019, 2020 and 2021 releases of Inc. 5000’s list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

Like many other cases, the input and support of a Denver Divorce Lawyer with Petrelli Previtera, LLC can be pivotal in assuring your future and protecting your interests in a divorce trial.

Get answers today by getting in contact with our legal team at (303) 416-7086, and our team will be more than willing to help.