Petrelli Previtera is committed to protecting and supporting families through all life’s changes with as little stress as possible. In the spirit of this commitment, created the eBooks below, and made them available in PDF format for free. To download these eBooks, all you have to do is sign up with us.

1. [eBook] Parenting Through Divorce Guide

Parenting Through DivorceParenting Through Divorce crisply lays out the specific tips and advice you need to protect your child during a divorce or legal separation and its aftermath. This eBook offers actionable, down-to-earth advice you need to guide your child through this difficult process.

2. [eBook] Mistakes To Avoid During Divorce

eBook cover divorce mistakes
Petrelli Previtera wrote Mistakes to Avoid During Divorce to help you avoid the most common mistakes that people make during divorce. By being aware of these pitfalls, you can shorten your case’s length, save a lot of money on attorney’s billable hours, and immensely reduce the emotional turbulence that comes with divorce.

3. [eBook] Guide to Child Support

eBook cover child supportOur eBook, Guide to Child Support, provides you with the know-how and tools you need to succeed where many divorcing couples have failed. It covers the main things you need to know about child support in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and the steps to take to ensure your kids are not getting cheated out of their rightful support.

Are you ready to navigate the legal maze of child support with more clarity and purpose? Download this eBook for free now!

4. [eBook] Leaving The Marital Home

Leaving the Marital Home educates readers on the do’s and don’ts before and when moving out of a shared matrimonial residency. You’ll learn the importance of understanding your rights, creating a solid financial plan, opening a new bank account, keeping your support system close, and more before you actually decide to leave.

5. [eBook] Privacy, Surveillance Laws, and a Cheating Spouse

Privacy, Surveillance Laws, and a Cheating SpousePrivacy, Surveillance Laws, and a Cheating Spouse is a comprehensive eBook that breaks down the privacy and surveillance guidelines under New Jersey Law. It’s sister copy, Privacy, Surveillance Laws, and a Cheating Spouse, focuses on the same pertinent issues but under Pennsylvania Law.

6. [eBook] 5 Common Fears of Divorce and How to Overcome Them

eBook cover common fears in divorceDivorce can be scary. The right lawyer will help you face your fears head on. Download our FREE guide: “5 Common Fears of Divorce and How to Overcome Them” on how to identify and overcome the common fears of divorce.

7. [eBook] 7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Mental Health During a Divorce

eBook cover divorce and mental healthDivorce can take a toll on your mental health – often more than you might realize. Our free guide 7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Mental Health During a Divorce provides ways to help you stay in a healthy mindset through the process.

8. [eBook] How To Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

eBook cover How To Tell Your Spouse About Divorce In your journey to dissolve your marriage, the very first conversation is often one of the most difficult. This ebook How To Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce offers tips for communicating your wishes to your spouse in an effort to start the process in the best way possible.

9. [eBook] Divorcing a Narcissist

eBook cover Divorcing a Narcissist If your spouse is a narcissist, divorce will likely bring up even more difficulties than you’ve already experienced. This ebook Divorcing a Narcissist offers guidance on deflecting the mental abuse and other obstacles you could face as you dissolve your marriage.

About the Author

Thomas PetrelliAs the founding and managing partner, Thomas Petrelli, Jr. leads Petrelli Previtera in resolving divorce and family law cases. While he represents clients in all types of situations, he has particularly built a name for himself in two key areas: divorces involving businesses as marital property and those with high-value assets. Tom’s career has earned him the recognition of his peers, the American Society of Legal Advocates, Avvo, Arrive Magazine, Super Lawyers, and National Advocates. In addition to his Juris Doctor from Vermont Law School, he holds an LL.M in Trial Advocacy from Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law.


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