Petrelli Previtera’s mission has always been to bring clarity out of divorce and family law chaos. We believe that you don’t have to go through a life-changing and high-impact issue like divorce alone. Our award-winning, prestigious, and resilient attorneys are always on hand to help.

Above all, we’re committed to protecting and supporting families through all life’s changes with as little stress as possible. In the spirit of this commitment, we’ve decided to educate our clients on all matters related to divorce and family law in general. Our books are now available in PDF format for free. To download these eBooks, all you have to do is sign up with us.

1. [eBook] Parenting Through Divorce Guide

Parenting Through DivorceNot only can divorce traumatize children, but it can also disorient their lives in the long run. Yet, for divorcing parents who provide their kids with appropriate support and care throughout the process, both parents, as seen from the child’s point of view, can remain as caring and loving as before.

Parenting Through Divorce crisply lays out the specific tips and advice you need to protect your child during a divorce or legal separation and its aftermath. Rather than boring you with legalese, complicated tips, and inapplicable information, this eBook takes a reasonable approach, offering you the actionable, down-to-earth advice you need to comfortably and caringly guide your child through this difficult process.

Inside the pages of this all-inclusive easy-to-read guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to tell your kids that you’re getting a divorce
  • How to help them cope with the impending separation
  • How to anticipate and handle your children’s reactions to divorce based on their different age-groups
  • Your children’s “Bill of Rights.”
  • Co-parenting skills during and after divorce
  • Parental alienation
  • How to address changes as they come

2. [eBook] Mistakes To Avoid During Divorce

Mistakes to Avoid During DivorceMost people tend to make silly mistakes during divorce. It doesn’t matter if they’re renowned scientists, respected bankers, or learned professors. When divorce proceedings start, they somehow lose their minds and start making ill-advised, misguided, and often costly moves. But you don’t have to follow this path.

Petrelli Previtera wrote Mistakes to Avoid During Divorce to help you avoid the most common mistakes that people make during divorce. By being aware of these pitfalls, you can shorten your case’s length, save a lot of money on attorney’s billable hours, and immensely reduce the emotional turbulence that comes with divorce.

3. [eBook] Guide to Child Support

Guide To Child SupportFor far too long, men and women in Pennsylvania and New Jersey have been cheated out of child support. Their lack of understanding of how courts award support orders have put them and their children’s future, financial security, and well-being in jeopardy.

Our eBook, Guide to Child Support, provides you with the know-how and tools you need to succeed where many divorcing couples have failed. It covers the main things you need to know about child support in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and the steps to take to ensure your kids are not getting cheated out of their rightful support.

But that’s not all. This free guide also includes in-depth information regarding:

  • How to file for child support
  • What to do if your ex-spouse refuses to pay
  • Whether child support affects taxes
  • When child support is supposed to end
  • Requesting modifications to a support order
  • Whether support payments can be taken directly from your paycheck
  • Who should pay for the child’s health insurance
  • Factors to consider when calculating child support

Are you ready to navigate the legal maze of child support with more clarity and purpose? Download this eBook for free now!

4. [eBook] Leaving The Marital Home

Leaving The Marital HomeDivorce comes with its fair share of dilemma. In most cases, couples tend to disagree on who should stay in the marital home after divorce; while in other cases, there might be a mutual understanding as to who should leave. If you’re the one who’s moving out of the marital home, it’s important to understand the steps that you need to take before the divorce is completed.

Leaving the Marital Home educates you on the do’s and don’ts before and when moving out of a shared matrimonial residency. You’ll learn the importance of understanding your rights, creating a solid financial plan, opening a new bank account, keeping your support system close, and more before you actually decide to leave.

5. [eBook] Privacy, Surveillance Laws, and a Cheating Spouse

Privacy, Surveillance Laws, and a Cheating SpouseAlthough the reasons why married couples divorce is diverse and complex, cheating is definitely at the top of the list. While the use of mobile phones and the internet have made cheating easier and more convenient, these next-level technologies have also made it easier to spy on and catch a cheating spouse. But be cautious; there could be legal repercussions to your electronic spying.

Privacy, Surveillance Laws, and a Cheating Spouse is a comprehensive eBook that breaks down the privacy and surveillance guidelines under New Jersey Law. It’s sister copy, Privacy, Surveillance Laws, and a Cheating Spouse, focuses on the same pertinent issues but under Pennsylvania Law.

At their core, these eBooks answer frequently asked questions related to spousal spying. You’ll also learn a variety of privacy-related issues, including:

  • Whether you can use electronically-stored information to spy on your cheating spouse
  • How the proof of infidelity impacts your divorce case
  • Why it matters to have a competent lawyer
  • Preparing for divorce, including the basic steps and your options
  • Understanding the repercussions of your actions, such as wiretapping, silent video surveillance, reading texts, and more.
  • Admissible evidence of infidelity

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