Postnuptial Agreement Assistance

A postnuptial agreement can help a couple that has been having conflict in their marriage or domestic partnership. First, they draft a mutually satisfying agreement, which an attorney for each spouse will then review. Once everyone agrees the agreement is fair, the spouses sign the document, which becomes a contract to guide their behavior within the relationship.

Like the more familiar prenuptial agreement, a postnuptial agreement is a legally binding contract between spouses—or between domestic partners—dealing with specific duties and obligations each will assume.


Benefits of a Postnuptial Agreement

In many cases, negotiating a postnuptial agreement leads to an emotional breakthrough for the partners. Each one sheds normal defenses as they work to save their marriage. Many couples report achieving a new level of emotional intimacy in the process. More to the point, postnuptial agreement mediation is effective. In many cases, couples find a disintegrating relationship rebuilt more solidly than ever before.

The key is choosing the right mediator. That crucial role must be filled by someone who is compassionate, practical, and skilled at resolving disputes in creative ways. That person must also be prepared to reveal the underlying attitudes that cause those disputes. You’ll need someone with broad experience in mediation and a solid understanding of family law.

Skillful Mediation for Postnuptial Agreements Is Essential

It is extraordinarily difficult for a couple with a troubled marriage to negotiate a fair postnuptial contract without help. Each partner’s emotions, preconceptions, and self-interest gets in the way of an honest exchange. Even when couples have the strongest commitment to saving their relationship, they usually cannot successfully complete postnuptial agreement negotiations on their own.

An experienced Philadelphia family law mediator can make an enormous difference. By using skills in alternative dispute resolution, the mediator can make sure clients remain on task to develop a mutually satisfying bargain. A mediator who is thoroughly familiar with family law can help both sides to be confident the agreement they draft together will stand up under court examination. Certainly, each side will want to review the agreement with their own separate counsel before signing. However, an impartial Philadelphia postnuptial agreement mediator can mean the difference between success and failure.

Our skilled and trustworthy associates are attorneys, social workers, and mental health professionals. They assist communication between both parties in a confidential environment, so you can resolve your differences and come to a mutually agreeable solution. Attorney Thomas Petrelli is a family law attorney and certified mediator. He has also served as counsel to review postnuptial agreement drafted by another. Tom is dedicated to helping couples preserve their troubled marriages whenever possible. He sees postnuptial agreements as a useful tool to achieve that goal for many families.

Frequently Asked Questions

My prenuptial agreement does not mention anything about cryptocurrency, can it be included in a postnuptial agreement?

Unless you or your spouse were one of the early adopters of cryptocurrency, your prenuptial agreement probably didn’t give any consideration to cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency launched in 2009, so, if you have been married long enough, it wasn’t even an asset to consider when your prenuptial agreement was negotiated. Today, many people are including cryptocurrency in their prenuptial agreements. Cryptocurrency is treated like any other property, and in the event that you want to draft a postnuptial agreement, any of the parties who owns cryptocurrency has a duty to make a full disclosure of what they own. There are two main challenges when it comes to including cryptocurrency in a postnuptial agreement: locating it and valuing it.

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