It’s the bane of divorced or split-up parents’ lives everywhere: “My ex didn’t pay their child support payment again!” Many times, when you’re in the middle of a child support dispute or non-payment, you’re nearly pulling out your hair, especially if you feel like you don’t have an advocate on your side.

However, you’re actually not alone: The New Jersey Child Support Probation Division is part of New Jersey’s Department of Human Services—and it’s meant to act as a third party that monitors, records, and enforces child support payments.

Applying to have the New Jersey Child Support Probation Division manage your child support might be the best $6 you ever spend—here are four reasons why:


The Probation Division keeps records of all child support payments that are made and received. That means if you find yourself in the middle of a dispute with your ex about whether a payment was made at all, or made in full, Probation can provide the records to resolve your dispute.


When a divorce or split is far from amicable (which is often the case), the Probation Division greatly reduces contact between you and your ex, acting as a buffer for all child support payment interactions.


The Probation Division has the authority to enforce regular and full child support payments. Instead of filing time-consuming and expensive court petitions to compel your ex to make their support payments, Probation will automatically take action like seizing tax refunds, suspending passport and driver’s license renewals, issuing arrest warrants, and garnishing wages from the obligor’s paycheck.

Plus, if you’re the obligor paying your support payments via Probation, you can elect for wage garnishment—that means your payments automatically are deducted from your paycheck. Otherwise, you’ll need to remember to make your payments in a timely manner.


There’s just a one-time $6 fee to apply for full child support services via the Child Support Probation Division (if you receive public assistance, there’s no fee). You can submit your Child Support Application online, or download, print, and complete the form. In addition, you can get an application at your county’s Board of Social Services, Welfare office, Probation Division, or family court. Finally, if you need more information, call 1-877-NJKIDS1.

If you haven’t checked out the advantages of using the New Jersey Child Support Probation Division—whether you’re just starting with child support or in the middle of contentious dealings with your ex—now may be the perfect time.

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Author Kristin M. Lis

Kristin is the Senior Associate at Petrelli Previtera’s Atlantic County office location in Linwood, NJ.  She  has been exclusively practicing family law for nearly a decade. She represents clients in a variety of legal matters including divorce, spousal support, custody, and other unique issues such as relocation, and adoption.