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Divorce Lawyer in Linwood, NJ

Divorce Lawyer in Linwood, NJ

Linwood Divorce Attorneys Helping People Protect Their Rights

Divorce is rarely straightforward. Many men and women, anxious to get on with their lives, unfortunately try to handle their divorces themselves. In doing so, they ultimately cost themselves money and lose out on important rights.

At Petrelli Previtera, LLC, we have represented many clients in divorce proceedings. We have protected their rights to child custody, child support, alimony, and equitable distribution of marital property. Let us help you get the divorce you want so that you can start the rest of your life on the right foot.

Common Divorce Issues in Dispute

Believe it or not, whether to get divorced is rarely in dispute. Even if one spouse is opposed, New Jersey’s laws allow one spouse to claim “irreconcilable differences,” which means the spouse believes the marriage has broken down for a minimum of six months and cannot be salvaged.

Instead, the most common issues in dispute are:

It is vital that men and women contemplating divorce understand their rights in each area of law, so consultation with a divorce lawyer in Linwood, New Jersey is highly advisable.

Confusion Regarding Child Custody

Child custody is rarely an “either/or” thing. The law in New Jersey starts with the presumption that both parents should be involved in their children’s lives.

However, the precise level of involvement might be in dispute. Parents can have legal custody, which gives them a say in important issues like medical care and education. They can also have physical custody, which allows them to determine where the child is physically present. Parents can jointly share custody, or one parent will get sole custody, and the other parent has a right to visitation each year.

We work closely with clients to defend their right to custody. Many judges will award joint custody unless there is a history of abuse or abandonment, but we strive to come up with a parenting plan that works for all.

Understanding Child Support

Child support is not a windfall to the parent with custody. Instead, both parents are obligated to support their children. If one parent has much more physical custody of the child, the court assumes that this parent is already contributing their share in the form of housing, food, clothes, etc. The non-custodial parent will need to send a monthly check to the custodial parent for their contribution.

New Jersey’s guidelines have taken a lot of confusion out of child support. A child support award calculated according to the guidelines is assumed to be correct, so judges usually hew to the guidelines. Still, there are areas that are not covered by the guidelines, such as a child with extraordinary educational or medical needs.

If you are a high-income individual, then judges often depart from the guidelines to determine how much a parent should pay. Some child support awards for high net-worth individuals are shocking. If you are high earner, you definitely need legal representation, so you are not ordered to pay too much support.

Issues Involving Division of Marital Assets

Marriage is definitely an economic union, and any divorce must unwind the couple’s finances. This is often harder than many people realize, and legal disputes often erupt over who can leave the marriage with what property.

Many misconceptions abound involving the division of marital property. We have heard people say that the law requires a 50/50 division of marital assets and others who have claimed they will get the house because it is in their name.

First, we must look at what qualifies as marital property. In reality, it doesn’t matter whose name is on the deed or title. An asset is considered marital if it was acquired after marriage but before the divorce petition was filed. Exceptions are for gifts or inheritances. Assets can include:

  • Wages earned
  • Retirement accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Real estate
  • Vehicles
  • Business interests, including small businesses

Some people are shocked to realize that the business they started and worked to grow is considered marital, even though their spouse did not contribute to it at all. Nevertheless, this is the reality in many Linwood divorces.

Next, marital assets are valued. Valuation issues often arise when dealing with business assets since there are many ways to value a business.

Third, marital assets are divided “equitably” under New Jersey law. Equitable distribution might mean a 50/50 split, although that is not required. Instead, judges look at many factors, such as each spouse’s relative economic condition, the standard of living, and each spouse’s physical and mental health. Our divorce lawyers in Linwood will fight to ensure our clients get a fair share of assets.

Linwood Divorce Lawyer


A spouse can request continuing support after divorce by requesting alimony. Typically, alimony is a higher-earning spouse’s monthly payment to his or her ex after divorce. Judges can award alimony for many reasons, such as:

  • Rehabilitating the lower-earning spouse, who might need more education or work experience before becoming self-sufficient.
  • Reimbursing one spouse for contributing to the other’s career or education.
  • Helping one spouse maintain the marital standard of living.

No spouse has a right to alimony in the way a child is entitled to child support. Instead, a judge needs to consider whether the circumstances warrant an alimony award, for how much, and for what duration. Because this is a vague area of law, the right Linwood divorce attorney can make a big difference.

Father’s Rights

Like other states, New Jersey has tried to eliminate biases in its laws. Nevertheless, these can continue to creep in, especially regarding child custody and alimony. For example, some judges continue to assume young children should be with their mothers, regardless of the realities of the mother-child relationship. When it comes to alimony, some judges assume a lower-earning man should not qualify for alimony, or that is impossible for ex-wives to obtain an education to support themselves.

We understand how the playing field can sometimes be slanted against men. Our divorce lawyers in Linwood will make sure that your rights are protected and your voice is heard.

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce in Linwood, NJ

How Do I Find the Best Divorce Lawyer for Me?

Making the decision to start a divorce and take your child’s other parent to court is never easy. You need to know you have the right person by your side. Here’s how to find the best divorce attorney for your case.

Ask for personal referrals. You’re probably not the first of your friends or family members to get divorced. Reach out to your network to see who they’ve worked with in the past.

Choose an attorney within your geographical area. Having an attorney whose office is within Atlantic County or the surrounding counties of Burlington and Camden is a huge plus. When your future is on the line, you need a divorce attorney you can access with ease.

Focus on experience. Is the attorney experienced at handling divorce cases like yours? If not, move on to the next candidate. In addition, your attorney of choice should have a deep understanding of the New Jersey divorce laws.

Read reviews and testimonials about the attorney. A history of success is a great sign that you’ve chosen the best divorce attorney for you. Look at your potential attorney’s Yelp reviews, AVVO rating, website testimonials, and Google My Business ratings. Settle for no less than 4- or 5-star ratings.

Interview your top choices. Don’t just settle on the first attorney you meet! Conduct a rigorous interview to ensure you’re hiring the best of the lot. A good attorney will display excellent communication skills and mastery of the NJ divorce laws, making you feel comfortable right from the start.

How Do You Qualify for Divorce in NJ?

To qualify for divorce in New Jersey, a spouse must have been a resident of the state for one year prior to filing, and there are both no-fault and fault-based grounds recognized. A Complaint for Divorce must be filed to outline the details of the case, including children and property, a family law attorney can help guide you through the complex process.

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Client Testimonials

Here's what our clients have to say about working with us. Please note, results may vary based on individual circumstances.

Melinda Previtera, Esq. came highly recommended to our family. Her knowledge base, professionalism, and compassion paved the way for a successful outcome. Melinda is efficient, detailed, and informative. She helps manage expectations, and postures her client for a fair and equitable result. We are happy to recommend Melinda!

Jennifer A.

My experience was very good. Everyone was professional and attentive to my needs, keeping me updated every step of the way. I couldn’t ask for a better result, highly recommended.

David R.

My marriage life has been a hell for me for the past four years until I decided to put an end to what has to be ended. Choosing a lawyer was another additional stressful part of the long process. I’m so glad that I’ve found the right one for me at Petrelli Previtera. Life isn’t always fair, but at least having her in my corner, felt even better. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

Caitlin B.