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Moving After Divorce Can Save You Money

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If moving after divorce can help you speed up your transition to your new life, you may actually be on the right frame of mind about it. You are having a hard time living in the same place with your spouse. Things aren’t the same and their presence reminds you of the past. In order to help you heal, your inner voice might be telling you to get out and find a new place where you can heal and think about your new life with a real sense of independence. Moving after divorce can put you in the right mood to start over and not waste any more time delaying or procrastinating your new life. Aside from the creative mood moving out can inspire in you, you can also save a lot of money to finance and stabilize your transition.

Staying at your old home can get you into debt

Staying at your old residence can paint a rosy picture of nostalgia and the good old times. But that is actually what will hold you back from moving on. Most people would choose to stay in their old home for personal reasons. Their attachment to the memories and shared experiences associated with the house can be an obstacle to see the situation for what it is. Although honoring the good times is essential to preserve one’s inner peace and sense of gratitude, it may not be the best thing for your financial situation. Supporting a household alone can be expensive and put a dent in your bank account. You might need to buy out your spouse’s share of the value of the house.

Also, you do not want to rely on the child or spousal support to pay for your home. Relying on child support to pay the mortgage will prove disastrous to your stability, since before your mortgage is fully paid, circumstances might arise that will prevent the consistent and full amount of child support payments you may expect every month.

Choosing to live in a more affordable community can boost your income

Just because you are used to living a certain way of life with your spouse does not mean you need to struggle to keep up and maintain that lifestyle post-divorce. Before you get into serious debt, consider moving to a more affordable community. You might find it difficult to give the old lifestyle up, but losing it all and getting into debt can be the end of the rope and this will greatly affect your still shaky hold on a new life that needs stability more than luxury.

Moving closer to family will support your physical health and financial situation

Moving closer to your family will help you gain support with your precarious situation. Not only can they help you financially if need be, but what’s most important is their presence will provide you with emotional and physical support. As you struggle to make it every day considering the emotional, physical, and financial toll divorce has taken in your life, your parents, siblings, and grandparents can alleviate your anxiety and feelings of uncertainty. There is no place like home, where you can air your concerns without judgement and contempt. They also will offer you insight, options, reminders to take care of yourself, and wisdom to help you recover in better shape and in less time than if you live all alone and have to face the day by yourself.

Still, moving is a big decision. It will cost money, time, and energy. Adjustments have to be made when it comes to your lifestyle and child-care arrangements and their education. Before you make any move, make sure you have considered all your options, the suitability of each one, the difficulties you might encounter, and, most of all, your budget and tenacity to hold off any unnecessary expenses to stabilize living in a new place.

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