Having a child with special talents is a gift in and of itself, but may involve more expenses than anticipated. This makes last week’s New Jersey family law decision that a parent of a gifted child may have to pay additional child support all the more practical. A New Jersey family law Judge said that if there is some clear indication that the child is gifted, a parent could pay more in child support to meet that child’s needs in developing their talents.

The New Jersey child support guidelines do not address the needs of a gifted child, so there is no clear indication of how much, if any, additional support a parent must pay. Instead, the new ruling encourages the consideration of all facts on a case-by-case-basis. If a child falls into this category, a Court will consider whether additional child support is a financial possibility for the parent.

So what qualifies a child as gifted? As reported by the New Jersey Law Journal, Judge Lawrence Jones defined a gifted child as “one who excels or has a keen involvement in academics, athletics, technology or the arts.” He noted that this definition could be broadened. The child in this case was interested in acting, and had demonstrated a desire to continue to pursue her talents. Other examples may include a child who displays excellence in academics or sports.

This ruling is a step toward making sure a child’s need are met. It may help alleviate issues between parents of a child with extraordinary abilities, where the cost of the child’s needs exceed the costs usually considered when determining child support.

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