5 Tax Traps to Avoid During Divorce

Your divorce can affect your taxes! Don’t pay Uncle Sam any more than you have to. In this video, Philadelphia divorce attorney Thomas Petrelli lists five common tax traps to watch for during your divorce. • Alimony • Retirements • Capital gains and losses • Tax credits and refu

Will Debt Be a Factor in Your Divorce?

No matter what your income, you could end up saddled with debt after your divorce. Philadelphia family law attorney Thomas Petrelli discusses the division of unsecured debt and answers the following questions: 1. What is the difference between secured and unsecured debt? 2. What happe

How to Prepare for a Custody Trial – Part 2

In this video, Philadelphia family law attorney Thomas Petrelli describes how documentation can help your custody case if you can’t reach a custody agreement and have to take your custody case to trial. 1. Use a calendar to show the time spent with each parent. 2. Keep a journal

How to Prepare for a Custody Trial – Part 3

Do you take lots of pictures of your child? Those pictures are good for more than Facebook posts; they can be used as evidence in your custody trial. Gather your old photographs. Look for pictures that show your child’s life with your ex-spouse: the condition of your ex-spouse&#

Hidden Costs of Keeping A House After Divorce

Should you keep the house after your divorce? Keeping your home can give your family stability, but there are important financial considerations. Philadelphia family law attorney Thomas Petrelli discusses the true value of your home and the hidden costs that you should consider before

3 Options for Dealing With Debt

Divorce attorney Thomas Petrelli discusses the three most common options for dealing with debt during a divorce. The first of these options is to pay off all the debt now. For those who can’t pay the debt now, a second option is to divide the debt and agree who is responsible fo

The Forensic CPA – Your Ally in Divorce – Part 3: Areas II

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed why you may need a forensic accountant. In part 2, we discussed two services that forensic accountants can provide. In the final video of this series, you will learn why you may need a forensic accountant to conduct a financial investigation on y

How Forensic CPA Can Help You During Your Divorce

Did your spouse always handle the money? Do you own a family business? Are there investments, but you don’t know exactly what they are? What you don’t know about your assets could impact your divorce settlement. It is not uncommon for a high-earning spouse to hide assets when preparin

Preparing for Your Child Custody Trial

You’ve been there for every day of your child’s life. You were there when she opened her eyes for the first time, when she took her first steps, when she rode her first bike… but, you may not be there for the next “first”.  You are getting divorced, and both of you want custody. A cus
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