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Allentown PA Divorce Lawyer

Allentown Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is never easy. A legal tussle with your family is perhaps the toughest challenge you will ever have to face. Emotions are running high, making it difficult to make rational and informed decisions about your future. If children are affected by those decisions, the stakes can even be higher. Hiring an experienced Allentown divorce lawyer to help you navigate these challenging times will help you secure the very best outcome for you and your loved ones. Let the legal team at Petrelli Previtera, LLC. bring clarity out of your divorce chaos.

Why Choose Us?

  • An Inc. 5000 Law Firm
  • We protect and support you through a divorce with as little stress as possible.
  • We give you timely, high-quality legal advice.
  • We listen with compassion when it feels like everything is falling apart.
  • Dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for your case
  • We are always looking out for you. Always there when you need us. No excuses.
  • We’re the most prepared Allentown divorce lawyers in and out of the courtroom.

To get the legal divorce assistance you need, you can reach Petrelli Previtera, LLC at (215) 977-4547. You can also get in touch with one of our live agents or schedule your consultation online with one of the firm’s top divorce attorneys in Allentown, PA.

Putting Our Clients’ Needs First

If you’re contemplating a divorce, you must understand that—just as tying the knot entailed more than just throwing a party and exchanging vows—divorce is more than just moving your stuff out of your common residence and going separate ways.

A divorce is the termination of a legal contract, and in and of itself is a legal procedure that can often get complicated. We’re here to help. With Petrelli Previtera, LLC by your side, you’ll be prepared to navigate the complexities of divorce issues with a clear, strategic plan.

Our legal team works with you throughout the legal process, from the decision to file for divorce through negotiated settlements or mediation to trial, if need be. We handle all matters related to divorce, including:

  • Alimony/Spousal support– We’ll help you determine if alimony is appropriate and, if so, the duration, amount, and frequency of spousal support payments
  • Child custody and visitation– Our Allentown attorneys will help you formulate and implement visitation and custody arrangements that are in the best interests of your kids while protecting your rights as a parent
  • Division of property– We’ll help you divide assets and debts under Pennsylvania’s community property laws.
  • Child maintenance– Our attorneys will review any proposed child support order for compliance with Pennsylvania guidelines and ensure that all relevant details appear in the calculation.

Above all, we strive to help you transition to a place of greater confidence, so you can get on with the next chapter of your life. Turn to Petrelli Previtera, LLC today for customized, top-notch, and professional legal guidance.

The Divorce Process in Allentown PA: Overview

Ending a marriage in Pennsylvania and moving on forward changes everything. It is also daunting on a practical level, especially when dividing your debts, savings, and real estate or coming up with a parental plan. Divorce brings up several questions that you and your spouse may disagree on, even though you thought you would.

Consider The Type of Divorce

  • Contested Divorce in Allentown

A contested divorce occurs when you and your spouse disagree on the major issues that must be resolved before you draw curtains on your union. A contested divorce is only necessary when your wife or your husband does not agree on contentious issues like who will retain the kids’ physical custody, who drives what car, or who keeps the marital home.

  • Uncontested Divorce in Allentown

An uncontested divorce happens when you and your spouse agree on all or most major issues, such as child custody, alimony, and property division. This type of divorce can typically be resolved quickly and works best if the two of you are on the same page.

A skilled family lawyer can help you determine whether you’re facing a contested or uncontested divorce. Let our experienced family law attorneys figure out the nitty-gritty of your separation on your behalf.

Filing For Divorce in Allentown, PA

After considering the type of divorce and other preliminary matters with your lawyer, it is time to prepare the divorce complaint and file it in the appropriate local court. The complaint is the document that indicates you’re requesting a divorce, the grounds for the separation, and the relief you wish to gain during the process.

You can file a divorce complaint based on different grounds for divorce, including no-fault or based on fault. You claim fault divorce in Allentown if your spouse made life unbearable, oppressed you, married someone else during your union, or abandoned you and the children for over a year. Under a no-fault divorce, you might argue that you’re ending the marriage based on institutionalization, irretrievable breakdown, mutual consent, among other factors.

Most people in Allentown opt to file a no-fault divorce. You should consult with your Allentown family law attorney about the difference between filing a fault or no-fault divorce and which is most suited for your claim.

Going Through The Process

Once it’s time to file the official complaint, you and your lawyer will determine the appropriate jurisdiction. Your attorney will assess and decide whether or not you meet Pennsylvania’s divorce residency obligations.

The state of Pennsylvania requires individuals to reside in the state for a maximum of six months before filing a divorce complaint. In most cases, you will file the complaint in the county where you live, which in this case is Allegheny. If you and your spouse reside in different states, you can file in the county where they live.

If you are the spouse filing for divorce, you must serve the complaint on your wife or husband (the defendant) within 30 days of the filing date. As the plaintiff, you have up to 90 days to “serve” your spouse if they reside outside of Pennsylvania. Your divorce lawyer will advise you on the type of service that is needed to ensure it is legally viable, such as personal service by sheriff or certified mail or process server.

Once the defendant has received the complaint, they have a short period of time to file an answer or their appearance in court. Any solution might include a counterclaim involving a different type of relief and other grounds for divorce. Your spouse’s response and appearance are vital to the legal procedure.

In most instances, the defendant will respond, and you will be allowed to file a response. Now, you will kick-start the next phase of resolving a number of challenging issues either in court or through mediation.

Allentown Divorce Attorney Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Find the Best Divorce Lawyer for Me?

Finding it hard to choose the best Pittsburg divorce attorney for you? The following tips will help make the process a tad bit easier.

Pick a divorce lawyer. An attorney who knows the ins and outs of the divorce laws in Pennsylvania is a great asset. Don’t settle for less.

Make the most of reviews, referrals, and recommendations. As with so many things in life, the internet can help. Check your potential divorce attorney’s credentials—their AVVO rating, Google Prorfile rating, website testimonials, and LinkedIn profile. Beyond that, even friends and family who’ve gone through a divorce can point you in the right direction.

Pick an Allentown Divorce Lawyer you can trust. Chances are high that you’ll share confidential information with your divorce attorney. Therefore, choose someone you can trust and feel comfortable with.

Insist on litigation and negotiation experience. Your attorney of choice should be as good in the courtroom as out of it.

Accessibility matters. An Allentown divorce attorney who serves the nearby counties is one you should seriously consider hiring.

Choose an attorney that feels right. Sometimes, you can just “feel” who is the best fit for you. If there are little voices in your head that tell you something is off or that you should move on, then move on.

I am Considering Divorce. Should I Hire an Allentown Divorce Lawyer?

Life-altering events often require legal advocacy, including divorce. Many essential variables must be outlined when two married individuals decide to go separate ways, even when they do not have children. Even if you and your spouse believe you can make all the decisions necessary to split—including dividing marital assets—it is always prudent to have a divorce attorney in Allentown, PA, review the agreement before signing it.

How Long Does a Allentown Divorce Take?

It is relatively easy to obtain a split in Allentown if both spouses agree to an “uncontested divorce.” Uncontested simply means that both spouses agree on all terms of the divorce, including spousal support, child custody and visitation, asset division, and child support.

If you and your spouse slightly disagree on something, then you might need a more conventional divorce. In summary, the process of filing a contested divorce is as follows:

  • Meet the residency requirements
  • Choose a fault-based or no-fault divorce.
  • File complaint to initiate proceedings
  • Serve your spouse
  • Receive temporary orders (support/custody)
  • Go through the discovery process.
  • Attend litigation/mediation
  • Get your final divorce decree issued by a judge

Will I Have To Pay Spousal Support After My Allentown Divorce?

Possibly. Our Allentown family law attorney would need to evaluate your marriage circumstances and the relevant factors determining your alimony or spousal support in Pennsylvania. We can discuss your divorce and support options during an initial confidential strategy session so you can start planning for your future.

Who Determines How Marital Assets Are Divided In a Divorce?

Splitting assets during a Allentown divorce requires a careful assessment of your marital properties, which could include your residence, bank accounts, cars, or other financial holdings. In Pennsylvania, the general rule is that marital assets are shared equitably, which is not the same thing as “equally.” If you and your spouse cannot decide how to split your assets, the court will do it for you. Our Allentown divorce attorneys can provide the guidance you need to pursue the best financial outcome before, during, and after your divorce case.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Allentown?

This deceptively simple question has no straightforward answer. Although some divorce-related expenses are inevitable, others can be controlled by making wise choices at the beginning of the divorce process.

For example, the fewer court appearances you have, the lower the cost of your divorce. The same goes for the attorney you’ll choose at the start of your case. This is because your Allentown Divorce Lawyer is responsible for protecting you and ensuring that you get the right type of defense and skilled representation. That can only mean one thing: If you don’t have the right representation from the start, you could cost yourself even more money in the long run.

What Are the Grounds for Divorce in Allentown?

Grounds for divorce in Allentown, PA, include:

  • Irreconcilable differences
  • Adultery
  • Bigamy
  • Abandonment for at least one year
  • Excessive abuse (cruelty)
  • Institutionalization for insanity or a severe mental disorder for at least 18 months with no prospect of discharge
  • Imprisonment for at least two years
  • Felony conviction

See 23 P.a. C.S.A. 3301 for a complete list of grounds of fault for divorce in Allentown and the larger Pennsylvania region.

Get Award-Winning Allentown Divorce Attorneys On Your Side

When push comes to shove in your marriage, and the only remaining option is a divorce, you need the help of an Allentown family law attorney who has your best interests at heart. You need an attorney who can provide sound legal advice in the most compassionate way possible. Our firm has been recognized as one of the top family law firms in Pennsylvania. In the past decade alone, divorce attorneys at the firm have received some of the most prestigious accolades in the private practice space, including:

  • Inc. 500 2019 & 2020 Honoree
  • Recognized in Pennsylvania Super Lawyers since 2015
  • Martindale-Hubbell’s Gold Client Champion Award
  • The Nation Advocates Top 100 Lawyers
  • The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40
  • Three Best Rated®, Best Divorce Lawyers

Unlike other divorce law firms, our attorneys will oversee and handle all aspects of your case. We stay fully engaged in your family law tussle from the beginning to the end.

Allentown Divorce Attorneys You Can Count On

Are you struggling to make a crucial decision about the future of your family? If so, it’s vital to have all the help you can get during this difficult time. Hiring an experienced Allentown family law attorney will make a world of difference in your divorce case. Call us today or schedule a video consultation. We will carefully listen to your story, outline your options, and determine the best strategy for your specific situation—the winning strategy. Let us bring clarity out of your chaos.

Client Testimonials

Here's what our clients have to say about working with us. Please note, results may vary based on individual circumstances.

Melinda Previtera, Esq. came highly recommended to our family. Her knowledge base, professionalism, and compassion paved the way for a successful outcome. Melinda is efficient, detailed, and informative. She helps manage expectations, and postures her client for a fair and equitable result. We are happy to recommend Melinda!

Jennifer A.

My experience was very good. Everyone was professional and attentive to my needs, keeping me updated every step of the way. I couldn’t ask for a better result, highly recommended.

David R.

My marriage life has been a hell for me for the past four years until I decided to put an end to what has to be ended. Choosing a lawyer was another additional stressful part of the long process. I’m so glad that I’ve found the right one for me at Petrelli Previtera. Life isn’t always fair, but at least having her in my corner, felt even better. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

Caitlin B.