Legal Separation in PA

Our separation attorneys provide compassionate legal counsel for those dealing with separation and divorce throughout Pennsylvania.
Our family law and separation lawyers work very closely with our clients to help determine what is best for them, and if applicable, their children too. After evaluating your unique situation our lawyers will provide you with legal options, and with consideration of your personal situation, help you determine whether steps should be taken towards legal separation or divorce. Legal separation is different than divorce, and in order to determine which is best for our clients we consider numerous factors.

Legal Separation

Legal separation is not recognized under Philadelphia or Pennsylvania law the way that divorce is recognized. However, when a married couple is living separately, a legally binding separation agreement can be created. Such agreements are signed when a divorce is desired in the future, or if a couple is unsure about their future. A separation agreement addresses all of the important legal aspects of marriage dissolution such as division of property and child custody without the actual dissolution of marriage.

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