QUESTION: How can a lawyer help me deal with a spouse who is controlling, uncooperative and withholds information because they don’t want to get a divorce?

You know that your marriage is over, but your ex has other ideas. He or she doesn’t want to get divorced and is doing everything possible to stall the proceedings. Your spouse is withholding financial information, missing meetings, and making life difficult. What can you do?

Contact a family law attorney. A family law attorney is the best solution when your ex-spouse is being uncooperative, controlling, or aggressive.  First of all, you can have the lawyer interact with your ex on your behalf. The attorney is trained to deal with difficult adversaries and can handle manipulative, controlling, or threatening behavior. The attorney is also familiar with New Jersey’s divorce laws and procedures that can address these issues and offer you protection if needed. No matter what your situation, your attorney can advise you on your legal options and recommend the best alternatives for you.

Experienced divorce lawyers recognize the tricks that a spouse resisting divorce might use, and they know how to prevent an angry ex from causing harm.

Common Tactics Used by Spouses Who Don’t Want to Get Divorced

  • Refusing to provide all financial information and documents
  • Refusing to negotiate
  • Lying to the judge about your behavior
  • Accusing the spouse of lying, cheating, or being mentally unstable
  • Disobeying court orders
  • Ignoring the advice of their own attorney
  • Withholding support or visitation in order to manipulate the other spouse
  • Using the children to manipulate the other parent

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The biggest divorce mistake that a separated spouse can make is not having an attorney.  A divorce lawyer will protect your rights and help you make the best choices for yourself and your family, even when your ex is undermining your decisions.  The support of an attorney can make a big difference in the outcome of your divorce. If you need help dealing with your ex, please don’t hesitate to call Petrelli Previtera at 866-465-5395.