You built your life with your spouse. Together, you built your careers, you created a home, and you made a family. However, now that you are entering the second half of your life, you are finding that you aren’t as compatible as you were in the early years of your marriage. You have decided that you need a divorce in order to find the happiness that you deserve.

Before You File for Divorce You Should Know 3 Things

Your divorce may not be the same as it is for a younger couple with less history and fewer assets. Whether or not your spouse is contesting your divorce, it is important to know that:

• Your separation may be more complicated than it would’ve been decades ago.
• You may need to fight for a fair division of assets since you likely accumulated assets as a couple.
• Alimony may be a serious issue particularly if one spouse did not earn as much as the other spouse and/or supported the higher earning spouse’s career during the marriage.

You have a lot at stake. It is important to get things right before the divorce is finalized. An experienced Chicago divorce lawyer can help you understand your rights and zealously advocate for a fair divorce settlement. For more information, please contact us today via this website or by calling (312) 252-2085.