You probably know that approximately 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. While you may think it is safe to assume that the reasons people end their marriages are financial stress, cheating or growing apart, that is not always the case.

Sometimes people file for divorce because of strange issues. Here are some bizarre reasons people decide to leave their partners.

1. He did not enjoy the “Frozen” movie

For some couples, having a different taste in movies is apparently a deal-breaker. According to a list of weird divorces from the Huffington Post, a Japanese woman left her husband because he did not enjoy the Disney movie very much. One might say she took the song “Let It Go” a little too far.

2. He snored too much

Perhaps your partner snores sometimes. While this is annoying, the issue is usually resolved by one of you moving to the couch for the night or putting in a pair of earplugs. For one woman, her husband was snoring way too much. The woman claimed the snoring was so bad that she never got a full night of sleep, and it even made her sick.

3. She had an excessive sex drive

Most men would love if their wives were sexually insatiable, but apparently, there is sometimes too much of a good thing. An Indian man left his wife because he could not keep up with her desire for sex. To be fair, she did threaten to cheat on him and forced him to take medication to boost his stamina, so the reason for divorce is more understandable once you know the dirty details.

4. She cheated–more than 70 years ago

Once upon a time, an Italian couple was married for more than seven decades. Unfortunately, they did not live happily ever after. The husband, who was 99 years old at the time, discovered love letters written by his wife to her former lover in the 1940s.