Considerations for Adoption Later in Life

Adoption is a part of family law that doesn’t always see the limelight. But it should—adoption is a wonderful way to expand a family and to provide children with a loving home.

I was recently approached by a woman who asked whether she could still adopt a child at her age. Because she and her husband were over 50 years old, she was concerned that adoption would not be an option for them. They were willing, able, and excited to care for a child, but feared that the process would prevent an older couple from taking on the responsibility. My answer was that adoption is absolutely still an option for them.

I encouraged her to take a look at the things that make her family stand out. Hopeful parents can create a family profile that allows a birth parent or agency to see what type of adoptive parents they will be, no matter what their age. They should highlight the unique things they can provide to a child, whether it be a home close to excellent schools or an opportunity to travel as a family.

Adoption agencies and birth parents are looking to see whether or not one can care for a new addition to the family, and what particular things about an individual or couple would make them best suited for each particular child. The unique things about one’s age or developments in life may make them the perfect prospective parent.

If you’re interested in adoption, contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss what options might be best for your family.