After a divorce, you may want to immediately get back out there in the dating scene. Before doing this, you want to make sure you are patient& and you know not to put all of your eggs into one basket.

Pennsylvania does take adultery into account during divorce cases. Therefore, some people are hesitant to date again even after separating. It is possible to date during this separation period, but you should keep in mind specific considerations to make sure you date wisely.

Separate officially

Pennsylvania requires spouses to separate for at least one year before divorcing. The purpose of this year is to allow the spouses to work out alimony and child custody arrangements. Before you date, you want to officially file for separation. This will verify you were not with anyone else before the separation. During this time, you should live in separate households and have separate bank accounts.

Keep the relationship private

After separating, you can start seeing people. You may even find someone you want a formal relationship with. While this is an exciting time, you are better off keeping this new relationship off social media. During the separation, you want to reach amicable agreements on many issues, but if your ex is upset at you for moving on, then the proceedings can slow down.

Avoid adultery accusations

Some couples continue to live together and maintain the aura of a relationship during the separation. If you begin dating someone else during this time, then your ex could accuse you of adultery even though you both know the relationship will end. It is also important to consider whether you are emotionally ready for a new romantic relationship. It may work out for the best to be by yourself for a year, and doing so will prevent any allegations of infidelity.