substance abuseIt’s hard enough when parents end a relationship and custody matters need to be worked out. If you have concerns that your child’s other parent is abusing drugs or alcohol, or worse yet, abusing your child, you need to take action immediately.

Pennsylvania family courts will take every measure necessary to protect a child if there is any indication that he or she is placed at risk of physical or psychological harm through a custody arrangement.

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At Petrelli Previtera, LLC we help clients who are concerned that a child’s other parent is abusing alcohol or drugs, or physically abusing the child.

The court will investigate to determine if there is reason to modify an existing custody arrangement to remove custodial rights or require supervised visitation. The investigation may include drug testing and/or psychological review.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a vindictive spouse to make a false accusation of alcohol or drug abuse. We will defend you if you have been falsely accused, and protect your relationship with your child.

Uniquely Qualified To Represent You In Custody Proceedings Involving Accusations Of Abuse

Our extensive experience as child advocates provides us with important insight into how these cases are investigated. We know what steps are necessary to show the court that your child’s other parent is not fit to have custodial rights as well as how to defend against false accusations of abuse.

We are lawyers committed to helping parents keep their children safe, as well as protecting parental rights so our clients can maintain healthy relationships with their children.

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