Timing is rarely convenient when dissolving your marriage becomes the necessary next step in your life. Unfortunately for some spouses, the moment they realize they must initiate a divorce falls right before – or right in the middle – of the holiday season.

If you’re in this predicament, you might be wondering if it’s a better idea to wait out this stretch of fall and winter months and file for divorce after the holidays are over. Only you can make the decision to act now or wait.

However, it’s very important to make a move immediately if your (and/or your kids’) safety and well-being are in danger. Abuse comes in many forms, and following your instinct is always best in these cases. Never keep yourself and/or your children in a dangerous situation.

You Can Initiate Divorce During the Holidays

If you decide now is the best time to initiate the divorce, you can certainly get through it – regardless of the upcoming holidays. Whether you have already spoken to your spouse about getting divorced or you haven’t brought it up yet, consider getting started with the steps below. Doing so can ensure the process doesn’t result in unnecessary obstacles and added tension.

Protect Your Kids’ Happiness over the Holidays (And Year-Round)

The holidays are particularly special for children. If you’re going to initiate divorce and you have kids, you’re about to enter an even more complex situation. Try to minimize any stress and tension that might trickle their way. Whether you tell them about your decision to divorce during the holidays or afterward is up to you. You should always have their best interest in mind.

Gather Information and Speak with an Attorney

Each state has its own set of rules for divorcing couples. It helps to know how the court in your state will divide your marital property and debts. For example, if you’ll be divorcing in Pennsylvania, read some basic information about the state’s equitable distribution rules.

After you have a good idea of what divorce is like in your state, consult with a divorce lawyer. You may want to speak with him or her alone, or you can schedule a meeting that includes your spouse.

Either way, an attorney can discuss your situation with you and explain the best course of action. There are a few different ways to divorce, and not all of them involve going to court. You can go over your options with your lawyer and find out what to do next.

Stay Organized

Once you decide to file, try to provide your attorney with all the necessary and correct paperwork in one swoop. That way, you can still get some enjoyment out of the holidays without stressing even more about correcting errors and making deadlines.

At Petrelli Previtera, LLC, we know how hard it can be to feel like celebrating the holidays when your marriage is ending. Life might feel tense and complicated at the moment. It’s important to focus on the better days ahead.

If you’re considering divorce during the holidays, or at any other time of the year, contact our firm for assistance. We can help you wade through the decision-making process and take the correct next steps.