January is a symbolic month known for New Year’s resolutions. Gym memberships soar, people vow to lose weight or try something new. With this theme in mind, I’ve set forth a few resolutions parents involved in custody and/or divorce matters should keep in mind and try to live by:

  1. Be more sensitive to your child’s feelings. Your child did not ask to be in this position- shuffling from home to home, spending limited time with parents they used to see daily and meeting new significant others. Cut them a bit of a break and try to be more accommodating.
  2. Try not to make negative comments about the other parent. Bad mouthing the other parent is not going to score you points with your children or the court. Remember, your child still has a relationship with and feelings for this other parent. Such negativity really only hurts the child.
  3. Be civil in public and at public events. Parents are embarrassing to children in public as it is, but fighting parents are even worse. At school functions or sporting events, try to keep the glares and snide remarks to yourself.

Hopefully with these tips in mind, you can keep positive in the New Year!