The end of summer brings an end to the heat, to the freedom and of course the start of school. With this change in routine, children can often have mixed emotions about their return to the classroom. For families who experienced divorce in during the break, this can be even more daunting. In this situation, parents should employ strategies to help make the transition into this new school year as smooth as possible for everyone involved. To prepare for the new academic year, here are five new school year tips:

  1. Talk to the teachers– once you find out who will be teaching your child this coming year, talk to him or her about what your child is going through. If the teacher knows the circumstances as home, he or she can better help your child in the classroom.
  2. Review the school calendar– know what is coming up as far as extracurricular activities, school functions and events. Planning ahead can avoid any last minute confusion or missed occasions.
  3. Prepare your children– Both parents should talk to your children about what to expect. Start adjusting their routines from summer to school year slowly. Encourage them to start the year off in a positive way.
  4. Coordinate back-to-school shopping– back-to-school shopping can be a fun event. If there are now two households, talk to your co-parent about either going together as a unit or dividing up who will buy what.
  5. Communicate with your co-parent– you may be ending your marriage but you are not ending your co-parent relationship. Be open with each other and discuss your children’s new school year. Share the school calendar, teach contact information and assignments. Find a way to adjust together to the new dynamic.