Family Law Attorney Catherine M. Cardozo

Cathy CardozoBringing over two decades of experience in family law, Catherine M. Cardozo has a strong background in managing divorce cases, offering insightful guidance and knowledge to her clients during these critical times. As a highly respected attorney, she is committed to delivering creative solutions and positive outcomes for her clients. Throughout her career, Catherine has gained substantial experience handling divorce-related issues, including child support, custody disputes, and asset division, ensuring comprehensive legal support for her clients.

Known for her adaptive approach, Catherine understands that every client’s situation is unique. She takes the time to educate her clients on the various approaches available, including mediation, litigation, collaborative divorce, and cooperative processes. By empowering her clients with knowledge, she helps them align their goals with the most suitable legal process, ensuring their desired outcomes are met.

“I believe in providing my clients with the tools they need to make informed decisions. By educating them on the available options and helping them match their goals with the most suitable process, I empower them to take control of their family law matters.”

Catherine’s clients benefit greatly from her comprehensive understanding of alternative methods in family law. Her expertise in mediation, collaborative divorce, and cooperative processes allows her to explore creative and effective solutions for her clients. By leveraging these alternatives, she helps her clients navigate their cases with confidence and achieve optimal results.

Catherine holds a Juris Doctor degree from Temple University School of Law. Her passion for advocating for individuals in need led her to intern at the Family Court of Philadelphia for Temple Legal Aid during her time in law school. Catherine’s commitment to helping others extends beyond the legal field, as she previously worked as a social worker with Philadelphia County MH/MR and as a counselor with local women’s agencies.

Catherine’s expertise is recognized by both legal professionals and the general public. She has contributed to publications such as The Philadelphia Inquirer, LLC, where she explored the successful co-parenting dynamic in divorce cases. Additionally, Catherine has authored a guide titled “Understanding Divorce Methods in Pennsylvania: Choosing the Right Path Forward,” providing insights into the various divorce approaches available in the state.

Catherine M. Cardozo’s experience, adaptability, and commitment to her clients make her an exceptional family law attorney. With her by your side, you can navigate the complexities of your case with confidence and achieve the positive outcomes you seek.


  • Juris Doctor, Temple University School of Law
  • Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W), Temple University

Professional Associations

  • American Bar Association, Family Law Section
  • American Bar Association, Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Pennsylvania Bar Association, Family Law Section
  • Montgomery Bar Association, Family Law Section
  • Montgomery Bar Association, Mediation Committee
  • Collaborative Family Law Affiliates, Attorney Member
  • Good Shepherd Mediation Center, Volunteer Divorce/Custody Mediator

Classes & Seminars

  • Divorce and Custody Mediation, Cozen & O’Connor LLP
  • Child Support and Custody, Women Against Abuse
  • General Practice Program, The Institute for Paralegal Training

Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice

  • Pennsylvania

Awards and Recognition

Publications & Appearances:

  • Understanding Divorce Methods in Pennsylvania: Choosing the Right Path Forward
  • They’re divorcing. They’re still good friends. How did the Weidners do it? The Philadelphia Inquirer, LLC
  • Guest on Court Radio: Family Law with Catherine Cardozo