You just got engaged and while flipping through your bridal magazines, you might be thinking, “Oh, I don’t need a prenup, only the rich and famous need a prenup.” But, that is not always so true anymore. A prenuptial agreement is part financial plan and part legal contract (also part romance squasher to some), yet at the end of the day it protects your interests should divorce occur.

Here are a few basic Q&As about prenuptial agreements to help you decide if drafting one is right for you:

  • Q: Does getting a prenup mean my fiance doesn’t trust me?
  • A: No way! It actually means that they are trying to protect you. No one goes into a marriage wanting to get divorce, but no one gets behind a car wanting to get into an accident either. You still would buy insurance and that is what a prenup can be.
  • Q: I don’t have any money, do I still need a prenup?
  • A: While most often a party with some degree of wealth is the one to request a prenup, the party who is financially dependent shouldn’t miss out. You may have quit your job or relocated before the marriage and lost out on income. The prenup can help you recoup financially should the marriage end.
  • Q: What goes into a prenup?
  • A: Usually the agreement includes who gets what in the event of a divorce. Most commonly these are related to financial assets. But couples can include anything of value (monetary or sentimental) that they want to specify. Some parties will even include pets!