Grandparents Rights in PA

Today, parents aren’t the only ones raising their children. Extended family plays a critical role. In many families, grandparents are like second parents to their grandchildren.

While grandparents are playing a greater role than ever before, laws that protect grandparents’ rights are still emerging. When things change — like through divorce or the death of a parent — grandparents can find their relationships with their grandchildren in jeopardy.Just because things seem dire does not mean that you should give up hope. There are ways to fight for your relationship with your grandchild. Getting an experienced Philadelphia grandparents’ rights attorney on your side is the first step.

At Petrelli Previtera, LLC in Center City, we fight to protect our clients’ relationships with their grandchildren. We represent grandparents filing for primary custody of their grandchildren. We also represent grandparents seeking to legally adopt their grandchildren. But, each case is different. We also represent parents seeking to oppose these actions.When we handle a case involving grandparents and grandchildren, we often help repair the relationship among family members. While we take an aggressive approach in Pennsylvania family courts, we can help parties work collaboratively as well. If going to court is not necessary, we can protect families from stress and legal costs by mediating the relationship. Strengthening families is always our goal.

Grandparent Child Custody Rights Under Pennsylvania Law

Under Pennsylvania law, grandparents can be given custody in times when both parents are incapable or unfit to raise the child involved. There may also be other circumstances in which grandparents may be awarded primary custody.

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