Ending your marriage is a major life event that comes with a lot of stressors. You may be afraid that your divorce will be a long and destructive process, but your marital split does not need to follow that route.

Instead of handling your divorce through the court system, you can mediate. In mediation, a neutral party will help you and your spouse arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement. Here are some reasons why you may want to choose mediation instead of litigation:

It is more peaceful

You may assume all divorces need to be adversarial, but mediation is a cooperative method. Mediation puts the focus on collaborative problem-solving rather than getting revenge or winning. Mediating your divorce helps you refrain from a contentious battle.

You can divorce faster

A traditional divorce can take several months or years. Rather than waiting for court dates or getting stuck in lengthy arguments, you can get through everything more quickly with mediation. You can set your own goals and adhere to your own timeframe. Some mediated divorces can be over in as little as a few weeks.

It will save you money

One of your core concerns about leaving your spouse may be the expenses. Conventional divorces tend to drive up costs, especially when you get into little arguments. If a financial strain is a concern, then mediation may be a good strategy for you and your spouse.

You can be flexible

Rather than trying to fit your busy schedule around court dates, you may be able to meet during the evenings or weekends with a mediator. You do not have to try to stick to rigid hours set by the courts.

It promotes stability

Mediation will help you and your soon-to-be-ex communicate better and understand one another. This will be especially beneficial if you have children. Mediation will set you up for successful co-parenting.