Social media has greatly changed how romantic relationships function. Terms like “ghosting” have entered the lexicon, and many couples argue about what one another post on Facebook and Twitter. For some couples, it is more important what someone does not post that leads to tension.

Social media has also caused many married couples to divorce. One spouse may learn of the other’s infidelity by browsing on his or her phone. Although many people simply use these apps and websites as an escape, it can have serious consequences. As you go through a divorce, it is vital to understand how you should use social media during this time, so you do not inadvertently harm your case.

Be careful of what you post

During a divorce, you and your spouse, along with both of your attorneys, will work out agreements on how to divide all your assets. You will also need to decide whom the children will spend time with. If you cannot reach amicable agreements, then a judge will intervene. You do not want there to be anything on social media that suggests you are not mature enough to look after a child.

You should not post any pictures of you partying, drinking alcohol or doing any drugs onto Facebook. You also do not want to post pictures of you making extravagant purchases. This could hurt your agreement that you require more alimony. It is also a good idea to refrain from posting long rants about your ex.

Stay off it

You should pay attention to how long you spend on social media during the day. You will inevitably come across posts from your ex, and this can bring up negative feelings. You may also see friends and family post about how wonderful their relationships are. You need to take care of your mental health during divorce. Excessively scrolling on social media is not good for anyone, so you should go out and talk to friends in person when you need connection.