Facilitating an Amicable Resolution in a Divorce or Custody Case

We recently received a call regarding a divorce case where the client was hoping to accomplish the goal of divorcing her husband amicably yet still have her interests represented. She was seeking someone to look out for her during the process but wanted to resolve the dispute as easily as possible.

Family law cases can be difficult. Where emotions and law mix, clients often have difficulty separating the two. Yet, some clients don’t want to go through the often-draining process of litigating their separation or custody issue. It’s a balance, but it’s something that the attorneys here at Petrelli Previtera, LLC are quite familiar with.

We have experience negotiating agreements for all types of cases, and encourage our clients to explore this option. Often times, these negotiations can help ensure that the needs of all parties are heard and represented, and the final arrangement reflects the outcome of reasonable discussions and well thought out plans that allow each party to be comfortable. Our attorneys often include outside mediators in the process, who can act as an intermediate in the dispute and help the parties identify what is most important to them.

The ultimate decision to settle is up to the client. Your attorney may negotiate on your behalf and make suggestions based on their knowledge and experience, but cannot agree to terms that you are not comfortable with. We ensure that we are representing our clients’ interests to the best of our ability while negotiating a reasonable agreement that works for all parties. Exploring these options with your attorney can help you reach a place where you feel your interests are protected in the dispute, and you are content with your agreement when all is said and done.

If you are looking for representation for your family law case and are seeking guidance on a more amicable agreement approach, contact the attorneys at Petrelli Previtera, LLC to schedule your consultation.