Questions for Divorce

Marriages go through rough patches. There are times when these rough patches smooth out and there are times when the rough patches are a sign of more serious problems. Couples that are struggling through these times and considering divorce can find some comfort in stepping back from the emotional side of the relationship and asking three logical questions.

A recent publication in The New York Times discussed this approach, noting that the answers to these questions can help determine if divorce is the right option for you. The piece had numerous questions to provide some guidance for self reflection, but three questions that or most beneficial to any marital situation are:

1) Are you communicating your concerns with your spouse? Communication is extremely important. If you are unhappy and your spouse is oblivious, take a moment to clearly communicate your concerns and frustrations.

2) Are you comfortable with the prospect of life without your partner? Take a moment to make a list of what you are getting out of the relationship. Are you willing to give these things up?

3) Are you concerned about what others will think? The New York Times piece notes that it is not uncommon to hesitate to move forward with a divorce due to societal concerns. Decades ago, this may have been a legitimate concern. Today, divorce is much, much more common. In these situations, it can help to view the choice to separate in a more empowering manner. Instead of seeing it is a failure, see it as a lesson learned.

Answering a few questions first can help couples not only decide if divorce is the right option, but also help guide what type of divorce is best for each situation. In addition to divorce being much more common now than it once was, there are also many different divorce procedures available. Some couples can benefit for a less contentious form, like mediation, while others are best suited for traditional litigation.

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Regardless of whether the divorce is contentious or mutually agreed upon, those who are considering divorce are wise to seek legal counsel. An experienced attorney can advocate for your interests during the divorce proceeding, better ensuring an outcome that sets you up for future success once the divorce is finalized.