Your divorce is finally final. The judge has issued the final order and the paperwork has been signed, stamped, and delivered. You are officially single and ready to start a new chapter in your life. And then, the past comes knocking at your door at the most inconvenient times. Join us today as we discuss some tips for handling those post-divorce issues.

Regardless of the circumstances that led to your divorce or who it was that requested the divorce, the process will undoubtedly cause some disturbances in your life. Whether you were happily married for 20 years and bore four children and it all came screeching to a halt with the unexpected filing of divorce in Denver by your spouse, or you had a three-year tumultuous marriage with a toxic spouse that ended on mutual, albeit vicious, grounds, divorce ends a very serious relationship. Marriage is a relationship that takes on legal tenancy and asserts that you contractually became one person as far as debt, property, and name are concerned. And now it is over. But, unfortunately, if you shared anything more than love in your relationship, the final divorce order may not be the end of your marital obligations.

Children Are a Lifelong Commitment

If your marriage produced children, you should find yourself in a lifelong co-parenting situation with your new ex-spouse. The obligation by both you and your now ex-spouse to your mutual children never ends. For the sake of your children and the stability of their lives, you should make every attempt to co-parent cohesively. Parallel parenting, while better for your sanity, may cause some severe detachment issues in your children. Collaborative co-parenting sets a great example and proves the love of both parents. After all, it was not your children who entered into the marriage or agreed to a divorce. They need the love and affection of both of their parents.

Tips to handling co-parenting well are to never make child-rearing a competition and never pit your child against your spouse. It is important to remember that in a rocky divorce, your child did not cause it and the relationship that you and your spouse had/has/have is not the same one that each of you has with your child. And any parent that actually loves their child wants what is best for the child, even when it is not what is best for themselves. Parenting is selfless. If you refuse to attend a little league game because your ex-spouse will be there with their new partner, your child will only remember that you were not there. Never put the other parent down or speak poorly of them to or around your children. Try your best to remember that at the time your children were created, their other parent was the one that you chose.

If you cannot look beyond the divorce or the issues that led to the divorce, or you are attempting to co-parent with a toxic ex-partner, you can seek legal intervention. At Petrelli Previtera, LLC, our family lawyers provide clients assistance with child custody, visitation, grandparent rights, child relocation, and child support. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Settling of Mutual Property and Legal Obligations

There are some long-lasting effects of a marriage, especially by way of mutual assets and property. It may not always be feasible to sell the family home or to get one party off of the deed during the divorce. However, having both parties on the deed can cause your spouse to need to be involved later on down the road. Mutual property post-divorce issues can include rights to claim, selling, interest earned, taxes due, and inheritance concerns. Wills and trusts will have to be updated to reflect changes and you may find yourself back in a courtroom negotiating property terms long after your divorce is finalized.

To better handle post-divorce issues concerning property and legal or financial obligations, it is best to have a divorce attorney you can trust. Sure, your divorce may be final, but the post-divorce issues require the expertise of a tenacious divorce attorney, like those at Petrelli Previtera, LLC.

Saying “I Do,” Again.

When either you or your ex-spouse remarries, it can introduce a variety or post-divorce issues. Some of these issues include child custody, child support concerns and modifications, alimony modifications, and changes to names, inheritance, and possession of assets. Remarriage can also cause some emotional issues that, if left unchecked, can cause retaliation and the compromise of post-marriage collaboration.

Before you let your emotions get the best of you, it is important that you hire a family lawyer you can trust. Just like in your divorce, your family attorney can guide you through the legal process of negotiating child support, relocation of children, alimony, and even new premarital agreements.

Your marriage will always be a part of your past. And, from time to time, it may pop up in your present. For the legal support that you can count on in any phase of your marriage, contact the family legal team at the Law Offices of Petrelli Previtera today.