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Understanding Custody and Parenting Time Determinations in Colorado Courts

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Colorado is known for its progressive approach to child custody and parenting time arrangements. The courts prioritize the best interests of the child and carefully consider factors such as parental involvement, commitment, and dedication. In this blog post, we will delve into how Colorado courts determine custody and parenting time, and provide a set of questions for individuals to evaluate the likelihood of the arrangements the courts may suggest based on their family situation.

Assessing Parental Involvement:

Colorado courts prioritize the involvement of both parents in the child’s life. To evaluate the likelihood of receiving a 50/50 custody arrangement, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. a) Do you actively participate in your child’s school activities?
  2. b) Do you assist and support your child’s sports practice and attend their games?
  3. c) Are you present for parent-teacher conferences?
  4. d) Do you accompany your child to medical appointments?

By answering “yes” to these questions, you demonstrate your commitment and involvement in your child’s life, significantly increasing your chances of obtaining a 50/50 custody arrangement. Even if you answer “yes” to a majority (around 80%) of these questions, the odds remain favorable.

Understanding the Impact of Limited Involvement:

If you can only answer “yes” to a limited number of the involvement-related questions mentioned above, it is crucial to understand that the court may be less inclined to grant a 50/50 custody arrangement. The court seeks a parent who can actively participate in their child’s upbringing and fulfill their responsibilities. It is not a matter of gender bias but rather a focus on the child’s well-being.

For example, John, a father in Colorado, actively participates in his child’s school activities, attends parent-teacher conferences, and accompanies his child to medical appointments. Additionally, he engages in regular sports practice with his child and attends their games. John’s extensive involvement and commitment increase his chances of obtaining a 50/50 custody arrangement.

By contrast, Samantha, a mother in Colorado, demonstrates limited involvement in her child’s life due to professional commitments. She occasionally attends school activities but is rarely available for parent-teacher conferences and medical appointments. Samantha’s limited involvement may decrease her chances of securing a 50/50 custody arrangement.

When it comes to child custody and parenting time arrangements, Colorado courts prioritize the best interests of the child and emphasize parental involvement rather than gender bias. By actively participating in your child’s life and fulfilling parental responsibilities, you significantly increase the likelihood of obtaining a 50/50 custody arrangement. It is essential to consult with legal professionals to navigate the complexities of family law and ensure the best possible outcome for your unique situation. There are several other factors the courts take into consideration beyond involvement. It is essential to consult with a legal professional to discuss those factors in addition to involvement in order to put yourself in the best position for an equal parenting time schedule.

About the Author:

Billie Jo L. Sowinskiis a family law attorney based in Denver, Colorado. With a solid commitment to guiding individuals through the complexities of family law, she provides compassionate support during life transitions. Billie Jo is known for actively listening to her clients, ensuring every detail is noticed. She supports clients in marriage dissolutions, child custody, modifications, and adoptions. She promotes fairness and active parental involvement while navigating legal obstacles. With a Juris Doctorate and Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of South Dakota, Billie Jo brings expertise and empathy to her practice.

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