Family law issues don’t seem to escape the rich and famous. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly discussing (and potentially disagreeing) about where their baby will be born and spend its first 6 months. Kanye wants Paris, the City of Light. Kim wants Southern California close to her tight knit family.

If Kim and Kanye were a Pennsylvania couple involved in a child custody dispute, there are some specific things to consider in this kind of scenario.

According to Pennsylvania family law, when there is no court order in place specifying a child custody arrangement, the court presumes that the parents equally share legal and physical custody of the child. The family court would look to the state statue, balance the sixteen factors and render a decision in the best interest of the child. With relocation, if one parent opposes the other parent’s choice to move, the court balances an additional 10 factors when making its decision.

Kanye would have to show that living in Paris wouldn’t just be fashion shows and baguettes. Kim would have to prove California would be more than paparazzi and reality TV. Whether famous or not, parents in Pennsylvania still face the same issues when considering custody and relocation. If you are in a similar situation, contact our office today for assistance.